[content of vitamin B12 food is expressed] – of list of _ food _

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Puppy dirty, flesh kind the vitaminic B12 water content in breast of food, unripe egg, ox is higher. Contain the provision of vitaminic B12: Liver, flesh kind breast of food, unripe egg, ox. The vitaminic B12 in food comes from puppy food, the key feeds material to originate for the flesh kind dirty, fish, birds, shellfish reachs food, puppy egg kind food, the water content in breast and milk products slants little. In natural plant food do not have vitaminic B12 basically. Liver of chicken of flesh of liver of flesh of flesh of flocks and herds, unripe egg, beef, yoke, live pig, duck’s egg, ox, unripe clam, stew, cuttlefish is dry in contain vitaminic B12. As nucleolus of person body system glucoside acid is generated, the nutrient element with albumen essential metabolism, vitaminic B12 is in be obvious to all of level of health of body and mind of airframe of care and maintenance. When airframe is deficient in vitaminic B12, often appear the harm of central nervous system, often also invade the brain that reachs a person and eye nerve. Complement is various feed capable person vitaminicly: 1, the provision that contains vitaminic A: Leaf of bovine breast, unripe egg, red turnip, vegetable fruit, fish oil, coleseed, Chao Tianjiao, tomato and orange. 2, the provision that contains vitaminic E: Lean lean of flesh of white sesame seed, walnut, pig, breast kind, egg kind food, groundnut, lettuce, besides yoke of melon seeds of soya bean, groundnut, walnutmeat, certain[……]

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[the effect of pig lung and action are endangered] – of disadvantage of _ advantage _

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Pig lung contains albumen, human body compound of adipose, carbohydrate, calcic, phosphor, iron and vitaminic B1, vitaminic B2, the B such as vitaminic B3 a group of things with common features vitaminic wait, have fill deficient empty, be good at lienal the action that raises a stomach, weak of deficient empty of applicable courage and uprightness, constitution empty is taken. Lung of pig of every 100 grams, contain protein 12.2 grams, with live pig flesh (fat thin) contain 13.2 grams to be not constant; but pig lung contains human body only adipose 3.9 grams, than live pig flesh (fat) contain human body adipose 88.6 grams are low, also compare live pig flesh (fat thin) contain human body adipose 37 grams are low much. Lung of pig of every 100 grams contains cupreous 5.3mg, than live pig flesh (fat) the 1mg that contain copper is tall, also compare live pig flesh (fat thin) the 1.6mg that contain copper is gotten high much. Take the corrupt practice of pig lung: Pig lung is pig dirty, inside conceal a lot of bacterias, be sure to clear clean and the lung that chooses new Zuo comes boil is boiled. Pig lung avoid spends dish, maltose to be fed together in vain, feed meeting bellyacke, vomiting together. Constipation, haemorrhoid person do not suit to be fed more. Below th上海4197龙凤e situation that buys pig lung, pink of surface layer color, glossiness, well-balanced, provide those who extend a gender to be new Zuo lung quite. Mildew changes its color is lung green or brown is[……]

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[there is what food inside vegetable salad] how does _ of the _ method that make make –

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In burning hot summer, come suddenly a fruit salad is big miscellaneous meeting, Zuo is pretty is first-rate! It already pure and fresh can reduce weight again thin body. If you are when restaurant, do salad of on a few fruits, feeling is too bright. But nod again it, with respect to meeting cost you a lot of grandpa Mao grandfathers! Similar meeting uses you are a few pieces of fluctuation. Zuo is our oneself is done relatively sexual price is compared tall! But this makes,the vegetable sort that fruit salad needs is returned really much, what vegetable fruit mixes is fruit salad delicate? Say these a few kinds of food to you stealthily, can see manual of supplement of this fruit salad! One: Ball lettuceMake one of vegetable fruits with fruit common salad. Its taste fragile bright, vitaminic A, C, natural and chemical fiber is a lot of. Be reduce weight of thin body first-rate feed capable person! 2: Suffer from JuChrysanthemum of blame everyone and everything but not oneself, taste is a bit bitter, but it has promote digest, add the effect of appetite. Warmth reminds, it is tonal weigh a taste to jump over difference more. 3: DishIts root and bine are completely can eat! Not only can make fruit salad, crush out juice be first-rate. Of its OK and clean blood! 4: Plumage wild cabbageOften be made by in order to fruit salad, have the blade with fresh harmonic and distinctive look. These bines grow steer clear of again hard. Also have as far as possible dissect oh![……]

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[end of navel apply ginger has what effect] – of advantage of _ abdomen _

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We are in usually making is to put a few ginger in the whole process of dish type piece, can reasonable eliminate smelling of fish, and often have first-rate practical effect to feeding the adjustment of material, drive nutrient composition level to show. What effect and practical effect does foam of ginger of apply of eye of that Zuo navel have? The practical effect of navel of ginger end apply is relatively good completely, prevent to appear disgusting retch or the state that are human body cold sex, but operation method is wrong, also may cause the bo上海千花网后花园dy uncomfortable, some patients still may cause the harm of partial skin allergy, because this ought to apply carefully. If give symptom, airsick state, the way that can pick applied ginger foam to stick navel develops cure, can ease patient’s condition reasonably, but application cannot become what may cause side effect to cause, if stick thing too long, also may cause the skin red itch and give scratchy disease. Ginger foam sticks navel relatively long also may cause a patient to give the disease with gastric bowel disorder function, but detailed circumstance is of because of the person different, cause side effect not easily for the most part cause, because it is the method that a kind of relatively general physics recuperates, cause the disease with more serious uncomfortable body not easily. Prevent diarrhoea to give the group of diarrhoea because of catch cold catch cold or the influence that are[……]

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