[longan and medlar bubble water are drunk have what effect] – of benefit of _ of advantage of _ bubble water

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Medlar and dry longan are first-rate partner, everybody often puts them to a make tea to drink, namely like that so much person loves to come to medlar and dry longan bubble to drink into water, 上海千花网坊be of good to the body part certainly! What does that Zuo medlar do the action that longan make tea drinks to have? Receive go down what does the action that medlar introduces to do longan make tea to drink in detail for we all in article have, the basin that wants to master concerned major knowledge is friendly can next oversee! Below can see actual and detailed introduction. 1, remedial xerophthalmia, add the tea with milk considering a key point of longan medlar tea with dietotherapy, increase double key point around massage point, can treat xerophthalmia. Xerophthalmia is a kind of eye acerbity the painful disease that overflow a gender, inducement includes insomnia or rest to be waited for glasses of form of Dai Yin of bad, long-term sex, for a long time in air conditioning computer room, with the eye overmuch, urgent chronic conjunctivitis, weep overmuch. Also have contract immune system disease, wait like lupus of sex of rheumatoid arthritis, erythema. Prevent xerophthalmia ancestral secret recipeShow one post to consider tea of medlar of longan of ∶ of eye tea with milk. The raw material that needs to prepare ahead of schedule has ∶ Huang Ju to spend 5 money, medlar 9, longan does juice of 5 bead, sugar cane to make an appointment with 200 Cc. The practice is: Huang Ju spe[……]

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[Chun Xiazhi is handed in drink what boiling water] _ Chun Xia eats _ how to drink –

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Just will meet Chun Xiazhi is handed in April, gas Hou is not smooth, bring about lay particular stress on of the damp inside human body body. Authoritative expert suggests, dietary collocation taste is weak, strengthen take exercise, it is OK to use dispel wet food to boil boiling water the damp inside cleared body. The food of lukewarm filling taste has little stomach of seed of grass carp, yam, lotus, Fu Ling, pig, goose to wait; The food with wet dispel has beans of rice of red bean, Yi benevolence, Qing Sun, Holand, east melon. What boiling water will drink actually April? Below netizen recommends way of soup of 10 kinds of healthy preserve one’s health. 1, bone chicken broth of black of Bao of wild peach of the five fingersRaw material: Black bone chicken, wild peach of the five fingers 100 grams, pig is spinal 200 grams, Fu Ling 25 grams, Jiang San piece, small jujube 3, salt is right amount. Course of action: Wait for wild peach of black bone chicken, the five fingers, Fu Ling wash clean in be being put into soup Bao; The pig is spinal boil in boiled water ” flying water ” , in be being put into soup Bao; In cutting 3 Jiang Fang to enter soup Bao, drink 10 bowls of cold water, after piling water boil with fierce anger, change slow fire Bao 2 hour; Proper saline condiment falls on the desk on soup. Action: Fu Ling has be good at lienal, go the action of damp, black bone chicken contains pigment, B a group of things with common features 18 kinds of vitaminic, carboh[……]

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