[pickled Chinese cabbage is stewed how to long can eat commonly] _ stews _ how to stew –

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Northeastern region has a kind of dish to have taste removing very very acerbity, like asing if to上海花千坊419 pass with rice vinegar bubble, the person of other region eats this kind of dish to press a root to be borne hard, and native eats a is very of vigorously, this kind of dish is called pickle. Pickle can be together with a lot of food nutrition, give birth to pork, fish for example these, flavour very very first-rate. That Zuo issue comes, can pickle how long eat? Pickle should bloat how longBloat subsequently in the whole process of be soiled, the first chapel, in pickle inferior sodium nitrate water content is the biggest after;10 day, after just beginning to drop;20 day commonly, basic subsidise. Eat bloat the pickle of be soiled, had better be crossing a month to take is relatively of security appropriate. Generally speaking, below the circumstance that vegetable fruit just bloated inferior the water content of sodium nitrate can grow continuously, accomplish a fastigium to be able to be reduced later. This one peak is called inferior saltpetre peak. Some vegetable fruits give a peak, some gives 3 times fastigium. Generally speaking, bloat the pickle that be soiled a week fluctuates inferior sodium nitrate water content is the biggest, and after arriving 20 days already very low. This eats again below the circumstance, relatively security. Although pickle is good, but must not learn pickle to bloat meal of the repast after the means of be soiled has pickle. I[……]

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[how is celery root planted] how is _ planted _ cultivates methodological –

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Asparagus lettuce is the fruit of a kind of vegetable that full back of left of our basic necessities of life samples, various way of doing things, very delicate goluptious. The net makes up that is to say that loves most to do boiled dumpling stuffing with asparagus lettuce and unripe pork, the delicacy that raised live pig flesh is sweet, in the fat move that closed the flesh. At ordinary times we can fry the flesh with celery instantly, it is a kind of very general family small fry, flavour very delicate and goluptious, and often eat asparagus lettuce have a lot of profit to the person’s human body. Asparagus lettuce is a kind of not slashing to environment of unripe long growth greenery, development can grow in river border district, because this asparagus lettuce is the fruit of vegetable of give somebody a new lease on life of a kind of right new hand. Suitable scope: Live in big city, free land did not grow vegetable fruity personCommon problem: One, if asparagus lettuce root is new cut, need not Chu Fang is too long-term. 2, because water is very easy,need not cultivate below the circumstance of phlogistic summer mildew changes. 3, the asparagus lettuce root after be being cut, put into freezer first between a paragraph of , can make give bud mutation to get more and more special and easy. Essential thing: Place of asparagus lettuce root, water cup or it is other the containers esp. for use in the house that has certain aspect ratio, small potted flowerpot, the[……]

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[pregnant woman can take convenient side inchoate] – of disadvantage of _ of _ early pregnant

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Convenient cover is all the time put as what enjoy man woman to dote on alone have, that is to say made up him to stop to the net is need in the home, that Ms. Zuo is pregnant inchoate can you eat noodle? Convenient cover as fastfood provision provision a lot of people understand him to be not food of vest in science, mere your person terribly dotes on its extraordinary aroma, because this pregnant woman is not to suggest to take convenient side, the net is made up also should say to you pregnant woman eats noodle to often have what harm. Can pregnant woman early days eat noodleAlbumen of all need of normality order activity of pregnant woman, human body is compound of adipose, carbohydrate, mineral, vitaminic with water. The crucial component of bubble surface is carbohydrate compound, soup bottom contains the flavoring such as portion of grain chicken essence, salt only, the nutrient element water content of amid is very few, do not consider to go up aloof pregnant woman itself and the nutrient capacity that fetal and daily place needs. Even if is the bubble surface of new Zuo , if long-term sex is used at replacing prandial, and do not take other provision, dispute often causes body nutrition composition easily to be deficient in, extremely bad to health of body and mind. The person of all normal circumstances does not suit even if take much side having bubble, because this pregnant woman need not eat as far as possible,this kind feeds capable person or forbidden eat.[……]

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