[drink the defecate on horse of juice of what fruit vegetables] _ alleviates how does costive _ drink –

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Constipation is a kind of disease of varied disease, is not a kind of disease. Costive symptom is constipation, hard fact, defecate hardships, can accompany see abdominal distension, bellyacke, have a bowel movement haemorrhage, prolapse of the anus, anal fissure or cause haemorrhoid to wait. Fruit juice of basically total vegetable fruit water all has the effect that helps have a bowel movement, might as well to the person of chronic constipation try fruit juice of following vegetable fruit water. Juice of what vegetables and fruits does that Zuo drink immediately defecate? Celery juiceWant to make celery juice, we need to prepare asparagus lettuce ahead of schedule 40 to 50 grams, gao Li dish 80 to skin of 100 grams, belt fruit of He Ping of 30 grams, red turnip is respective 150 grams went to 200 grams. And asparagus lettuce needs to be put into Gao Li juice is made inside dish, juice of this kind of vegetables and fruits is right remedial cough, haemorrhoid have first-rate pra夜上海论坛网ctical effect. Small cucumber juiceIf want defecate, we can oneself extracts small cucumber juice. We need towel gourd, Qing Ning Meng 30 grams, Liu Ding half, red turnip 200 grams, subsequently again inside put into pure honey. Because the edge contains a lot of vitaminic C in towel gourd biochemical fruit ferment, accordingly we need final circumstance to fall to be added again, and cucumber juice still can raise Yan Meirong, the skin that also can let oneself additionally is more bright and cl[……]

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[soup of solstitial preserve one’s health] – of encyclopedia of practice of _ of the _ method that make

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After Slight Heat comes, broiling air temperature also follo阿拉爱上海wings sb’s heels and come. In broiling air temperature, if not instantly healthy preserve one’s health gets a word, of very easy go to the bad. Say accordingly, we all just began solstitial preserve one’s health to prepare ahead of schedule immediately please, begin from dietary collocation for example, choose the cookbook of preserve one’s health of appropriate Summer Solstice that is to say, amid soup of these a few kinds of preserve one’s health is first-rate, the proposal wants to be in the man women of solstitial preserve one’s health, discuss. What does solstitial preserve one’s health drink soupOne, soup of melon beans big boneNeed uses material: 1 jin pig is little, a small aubergine, the soja of 100G. Cook course of action: 1, become the pig is little behead a small first, put into water to invade bubble 34 times again, till wash good water,blood and other dirty thing just did not go. 2, water is added in past boiler continuously later, pig small platoon, rice wine is drunk after be being burned (proper) , after boiling on one minute, go to the pig is little fish out with spoon, put the obligate in another boiler instantly again. C, aubergine rift, dig go the seed of ministry and gourd ladle are blown clean. The cut after washing wafer, in be being put into the bowl again, break up into a few edible salt mix. After buy puts 9 minutes, turn on the water clean clean, putting into the obligate in boiler[……]

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[agaric should be fried how long can ripe] _ fries _ how to fry –

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The black agaric with good bubble fries 2-3 to divide Zuo to be met in the stir-fry before stewing below fire ripe, in boiling water bubble is 2-3 cent Zuo . Because be completely commonly,store with what work, because ear of this Hei Mu is mixing cold dish and burn dish to need bubble to leave before, it is 2 hour fluctuation commonly. If of black agaric bubble overmuch, can use needless black aga新上海后花园ric last bag wrap put freezer in, the following day air water portion can store again. In the environment of 28 degrees of above, black agaric bubble 8 hour cannot eat, accordingly the summer needs especially advertent. In if will black agaric puts the 15 normal temperature to 28 degrees,leaving environment, between of that Zuo Chu Fang can fall on near 12 hour, as a result of at this moment is spent low, bacteria breed also does not have that Zuo fast. And mount of sealing of will black agaric, put store inside freezer, can Chu Fang is close to 24 hour, as a result of at this moment the rate of bacteria breed slows. The true fungus that black agaric is rich and colorful of composition of a kind of nutrition feeds capable person, grow development is on corrupt wood, because the appearance resembles ear inside and famous, it also has other full name, if establish chicken, black course,wait. Black agaric divides 2 kinds into wool agaric to follow ear of smooth Hei Mu different phyletic, because smooth black agaric compares delicacy of wool agaric flavour to pledge soft[……]

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[pregnant woman can eat mustard inchoate] _ of _ early pregnant but with –

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Mustard sauce is a kind of flavoring with daily universal life, flavour hot food, a lot of people allude eating mustard sauce is the experience that does not have French character completely. Sauce of the action that the net makes up we all to introduce mustard in detail now, mustard eats much do sauce of Ji Jigai end not to suit to eat together with what. Also pregnant woman of that is to say can eat mustard sauce earlier? Understand together. Although mustard sauce is good, but do not suggest,accurate mother has. The component of crucial sweet taste of 1. mustard sauce is mustard oil, its sweet taste is apparent, but the metabolization of excitant saliva and hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, have be good at lienal appetizing result, increase maw opening. 2. mustard sauce has more powerful dispel poisonous effect, what can solve piscine crab is poisonous, reason eats the provision of provision giving birth to delicacy such as 3 article fish raw, constant regular meeting adds mustard sauce. Mustard sauce sticks consistency to reducing blood, cure pants, preventing tooth of eat by moth to wait also is certain practical effect. 3. pregnant woman should be fed less or do not feed. Some of candy or edible vinegar are added in 上海贵人千花网mustard sauce, can cache sweet taste, make its taste more actor. Do not suit to be taken again when mustard sauce has the ooze outside vegetable oil to become bitter. 4. mustard sauce is vest in acrimony alimental feeds capable person, accordingly, fe[……]

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[rehabilitation new juice treats oral cavity ulcer] – of effect of _ action _

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The metropolis in our lifetime comes up against sundry small issue, although be not compared serious, can generate a lot of bewilderment and pain to basic necessities of life however. For example oral cavity ulcer, boiled water is drunk to ache below the circumstance that come on, and even the word says not agile, that kind painful the outstanding talented person that can have grown ulcer only simply makes clear Hunan. It some people boil a few days is good also that some people boil a few days, it is good to after the oral cavity ulcer of some people takes drug, also can not see, otherwise that is to say often breaks out… that Zuo , is oral cavity ulcer after all how? What reason causes? How should be treated? Is ulcer of oral cavity of cure of rehabilitation new juice good? The element that causes oral cavity ulcer has a lot of, have easy suffer from excessive internal heat generally, damage oral cavity mucous membrane to cause a bacteria to erode, be deficient in pressure of vitaminic, psychology to create the mood greatly too low etc, but not cleared the report outside having what serious illness causes. Normally the circumstance falls, adjust schedule of work and rest, keep food tie-in taste is weak, much draft fruit is vegetable, often do oral cavity to clear wait to be able to drive oral cavity ulcer to be cured quickly. But, if oral cavity ulcer combats recrudescent disease and treat bad, cause height to take seriously even, even if sees a doctor, do well have a m[……]

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[the practice of shrimp exterminate scallop] how does _ of the _ method that make make –

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Shellfish is sea Li child the double carapace that belong to kind the another namer of mollusc, have 400 about a variety of. One of sources of a variety of 60 is key of world each country marine fishery Zuo of this division. Layer of housing, flesh, pearl is had very tall use use value. A lot of sea Li child take as characteristic cate. Sea Li child alias sea fan, its flesh quality of a material is delicate, battalion nurturance divides rich and colorful, after working, its flesh that close case is made is ” precious jade column ” , label one of 8 precious. How is that Zuo scallop done delicate? What the course of action of shrimp exterminate scallop is? Ministry of fleshy quality of a material is puffier, flavour is delicate, can feed. Grow growth is rapid, be a kind raise a target well. Shrimp smooths dish of sea Li child, li of this kind of sea child not only fleshy fertilizer is delicious, and big, grow development fast, yield is high, use value of progress of the economy in be mollusc is the greatest kind group. Reason is early the height that creates foreland Home takes seriously, if Japan raises production to have very old history time to its, development trend is rapid in recent years, total production value is met each years above of 100 thousand tons of class. The course of action of shrimp exterminate scallop: Top1: ? Jie of sour an ancient small-mouthed wine vessel is short of? 1, manage the fine Sha Qing of carapace of sea Li pickaback plane and shellfi[……]

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