[how is celery root planted] how is _ planted _ cultivates methodological –

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Asparagus lettuce is the fruit of a kind of vegetable that full back of left of our basic necessities of life samples, various way of doing things, very delicate goluptious. The net makes up that is to say that loves most to do boiled dumpling stuffing with asparagus lettuce and unripe pork, the delicacy that raised live pig flesh is sweet, in the fat move that closed the flesh. At ordinary times we can fry the flesh with celery instantly, it is a kind of very general family small fry, flavour very delicate and goluptious, and often eat asparagus lettuce have a lot of profit to the person’s human body. Asparagus lettuce is a kind of not slashing to environment of unripe long growth greenery, development can grow in river border district, because this asparagus lettuce is the fruit of vegetable of give somebody a new lease on life of a kind of right new hand. Suitable scope: Live in big city, free land did not grow vegetable fruity personCommon problem: One, if asparagus lettuce root is new cut, need not Chu Fang is too long-term. 2, because water is very easy,need not cultivate below the circumstance of phlogistic summer mildew changes. 3, the asparagus lettuce root after be being cut, put into freezer first between a paragraph of , can make give bud mutation to get more and more special and easy. Essential thing: Place of asparagus lettuce root, water cup or it is other the containers esp. for use in the house that has certain aspect ratio, small potted flowerpot, the[……]

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[winter Bao what soup is optimum] _ winter drinks _ how to drink –

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As comparative as flesh of general chicken breast, black bone chicken has 10 kinds of carbohydrate, the water content of its albumen, vitaminic B2, vitamin B3, vitaminic E, phosphor, iron, Potassium, natrium is higher, and cholesterol and adipose rate are very little. Take black bone chicken to be able to promote physiological function, prevent anile, strong anything resembling a tendon or vein strong bone be good at bone. Osteoporosis, rachitic to precaution, female is short of iron sex exsanguine etc have distinct effect. Course of action: 1. washs frame of beef, sheep first, hotpot is done some solve, put beef, hotpot boil inside a boiler, can place some of ginger garlic to wait, (do not suit to greaten makings, turn over flavour) , wait for beef, hotpot to be boiled, scoop up cut, obligate. 2. puts ovine framework in boiler, add full clear water, good, shoot, boil, boil a hour to fluctuate, float come out in a few residual dip above, at that time soup is relatively dinkum, put some of ginger garlic, be boiled again, the Shang Cheng that when boils suckles white, went like bovine breast. The soup that boil must know beautiful . 3. puts the beef that cuts, hotpot in the bowl, put some of caraway, sweet Lai, blanched garlic leaves this kind dish, put proper salt, taking the advantage of the Yang Shang that has boiled heat falls into the bowl, good, a bowl of color is ivory, mouthfeel bright alcohol is sweet Yang Shang did well to add leaven dough cake or fire to bake,[……]

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[the effect of feral chervil] – of advantage of _ action _

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Do the effect of chervil and effect we all master? Chervil is not really a bamboo basket is predicted, this is the full name of material of a kind of Chinese traditional medicine, also call earth ginseng, it is the ability of Chinese herbal medicine with very strong sex of a kind of nourishing preserve one’s health, it is the root of bright the root of straight ladybell is in greenery. Bright the root of straight ladybell is in each years to will close to the between Wang Zhong in March more, because exterior is predicted like a bamboo basket, just have chervil this kind of full name, below is the actual and detailed introduction that the net writes pair of chervil action and effect, the basin friend of the medicinal material in loving can have a look. The effect of chervil and effect1, the effect of chervilEmbellish lung, relieve a cough expectorant friendship liver is it is chervil the bigger effect after medicine, in addition it also has the effect with stomach and dispel poison, in common much in order to phlegmy much cough and its vomiting are mixed dazed the cure that waits for a few kinds of disease, chervil is unusual to the lady’s leucorrhoea waiting for a symptom with sore ulcer also is certain curative effect. 2, chervil can fill deficiency of yangChervil is the material of Chinese herbal medicine with very superior action of composition of a kind of nutrition, natural disposition of its grow take a tonic to build up health is very strong, the deficiency of ya[……]

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[the action that ginger pink drinks to water] – of advantage of _ effect _

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Jiang Pian and ginger of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun are not OK confuse sth with sth else, both is in action and effect, eat a law to wait to often have a difference, and ginger pink does ginger pink spoken parts in an opera, it is the pulverous state that Jiang Pian becomes with mill of ginger of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun, in action and effect, eat law and abstain from on, with Jiang Pian and ginger of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun as distinction OK. What does that Zuo give birth to decoct pink water to have to drunk effect? Understand together. What what the action of ginger pink and effect we all are familiar with is to come loose cold go damp, generally speaking, ginger pink has but not only 7 your work use under be confined to: Often eat ginger pink to be able to defer consenescence cold go damp, Wake the god alleviates fatigue. Be good at lienal appetizing be good at taste drives appetite. Defend semiotic ship, cure is disgusting keck, vomiting. Reduce Wen Xing expression, fall heat. Jiang Pian can have the effect of curb bacterium. Preserve one’s health of health of ginger bubble foot. Daily life with ginger pink more general, it is alimental of preserve one’s health good choose. Will tell with respect to ginger pink, its character depends on Jiang Pian’s quality, grow the zoology of farmhouse courtyard green that development spends 27 degrees in north latitude is small Huang[……]

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[effect of gold medicinal material and action] – of benefit of _ advantage _

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Ba Ji day is blindly the medicinal material in the be good at taste of traditional pattern, it is blindly food, its crucial action in other words fills lung of embellish of gas blood method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, be good at taste relieves a cough, also have the effect of filling kidney Zhuang Yang in addition. Ba Ji day applies to dry of lung of deficiency of yang, dry cough dry of dry tongue of fatigued, mouth feeds tired of Xu Han of gargle of little deficiency of yin with irritability of kidney of liver of phlegmy, lung, old Sang Jiu, taste, body caustic of empty of sluggish, lienal classics, inside igneous satisfy one’s thirst. The officinal value of Ba Ji day gets a word, the key is the immune force action that can promote the body, produce toxin of bacterium of a few curb, disease-resistant adequately then cure, fight fungus, reach what its Zuo aids to fall blood pressure, fall blood sugar, fall the action of hematic fat. Ba Ji day is divided when medicine beyond, below the circumstance of dietotherapy, often boil congee with lean lean of pig of Ba Ji day, effective raw material gets a word, with Ba Ji day 50 grams, thin pork 50 grams, paddy rice 100 grams, add salt of a bit green, ginger, edible each are proper. Course of action gets word that is to say to clean thin pork, cut becomes small-scale obligate, decoct makes Ba Ji day, get rid of dregs of a decoction subsequently, leave medical juice have, add bead o[……]

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