[the effect of gram Gong Zaoshang and action] – of benefit of _ of _ nutrition value

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Has been we all of soup of gram red jujube done in the home? What does that action have? Soup of gram red jujube is after cleaning gram and big jujube together, next boiler add cold water, boil boiling water of good a kind of preserve one’s health, a lot of people arrive when doing gram Gong Zaoshang, add a few dry longan or still loving is a tremella, the nutrient part that can allow it is taller. That Zuo , are the action of soup of gram red jujube and effect what? Shang Weier of gram red jujube is sweet, can be good at lienal raise a stomach, OK also lukewarm lienal courage and uprightness, its action also has a lot of, want to master actually, can have a look together along with me. 1, can prevent cancerThe gram in soup of gram red jujube is a kind pure natural dispel poisonous food, it can promote person style the metabolism of varied endotoxin, reduce their harm to organizing a cell, and this kind of food can promote big jujube body immunity capability, check tumor cell is caused, drive leucocyte computation to be changed into, additionally it returns the cholesterol in can cleared blood to promote body of hematic cell go-between the particularity of albumin, make it and gram into gram Gong Zaoshang have the distinct effect that prevent cancer together usually, and these cancer patients take boiling water of gram red jujube, promote tumor cell likely also to be changed to all regular system cells. 2, can avoid high blood pressure of tall blood fatGram is contained[……]

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[vegetable can put freezer how long] _ of _ cold storage affects –

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A lot of people treated freezer as in the home ” food disinfects cupboard ” , feel to store the environment of food that is to say in freezer is healthy. Actually, because freezer is long-term food of sexual Chu Fang often does not clear again, meeting develop gives a lot of bugs. In freezer although the surface looks new still Zuo ,feed capable person, but in fact already mildew changes. Freezer stores the common safe temperature that feeds capable person is 4 ℃ to 8 ℃ , below this kind of environment, the bacteria of the majority grows growth rate can be decelerated. But a few bacterias however be addicted to is cold, dark bacterium of the Er that be like Ye, Lisite bacterium next instead are spent to be able to grow breed quickly in this kind of , if take the provision that caught this kind of bug, can cause enteron disease. And in the deepfreeze of freezer, is spent fluctuate in 0 18 ℃ commonly, spend in this kind of below, general bacteria is be checked or kill, because food of this Chu Fang side here has more powerful cold storage effect. But refrigerate and can not eliminate bacterium thoroughly certainly, still a few fight the bacteria with cold job extremely strong capability to be able to live come out. Accordingly, from another perspective character, if freezer often is not disinfected antiseptic, instead can become a few bacterias ” seedbed ” . In addition, the food in freezer also need not Chu Fang is overmuch, the outside that can let feed capable[……]

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[the effect of pig lung and action are endangered] – of disadvantage of _ advantage _

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Pig lung contains albumen, human body compound of adipose, carbohydrate, calcic, phosphor, iron and vitaminic B1, vitaminic B2, the B such as vitaminic B3 a group of things with common features vitaminic wait, have fill deficient empty, be good at lienal the action that raises a stomach, weak of deficient empty of applicable courage and uprightness, constitution empty is taken. Lung of pig of every 100 grams, contain protein 12.2 grams, with live pig flesh (fat thin) contain 13.2 grams to be not constant; but pig lung contains human body only adipose 3.9 grams, than live pig flesh (fat) contain human body adipose 88.6 grams are low, also compare live pig flesh (fat thin) contain human body adipose 37 grams are low much. Lung of pig of every 100 grams contains cupreous 5.3mg, than live pig flesh (fat) the 1mg that contain copper is tall, also compare live pig flesh (fat thin) the 1.6mg that contain copper is gotten high much. Take the corrupt practice of pig lung: Pig lung is pig dirty, inside conceal a lot of bacterias, be sure to clear clean and the lung that chooses new Zuo comes boil is boiled. Pig lung avoid spends dish, maltose to be fed together in vain, feed meeting bellyacke, vomiting together. Constipation, haemorrhoid person do not suit to be fed more. Below th上海4197龙凤e situation that buys pig lung, pink of surface layer color, glossiness, well-balanced, provide those who extend a gender to be new Zuo lung quite. Mildew changes its color is lung green or brown is[……]

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[take the 4 harm that grind soup for a long time] _ takes influence _ to endanger –

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That is to say of key of fluid of the 4 profess to convinced that grind soup wait by Gan Song, fruit of citron or trifoliate orange, the root of three-nerved spicebush form, the indigestion of cure of in order to of that is to say of key of this kind of medicines and chemical reagents abdominal distension abdominal pain that causes a or be it is disgusting retch or be it is the disease such as constipation. If state of illness has turned to suggest Zuo is already,want instantly disuse medicines and chemical reagents, if be begun for a long time,take feed, cause a very easily also to have regular poisonous side-effect report. 4 grind the soup influence to body building of Xiaobai rat intestines and stomach to close to with enteron driving force agent not compares benefit to begin dene relatively. With the marker inside intestines and stomach Pu gets together candy is blue 22000 inside the stomach melanin relativity content reachs what colon drives to be worth than index, watch Chageshi the influence that motivation of bowel of stomach of rat of normal to everything Xiaobai and bowel urge test group. Jian fruit 4 grind soup to drive body building to all have remarkable active sense to the gastric bowel motivation of all normal Xiaobai rat and bowel, but effect of motivation of bowel of its hurried stomach relatively Mo Sha is weaker than benefit, and the active import that drives body building to bowel and contrast of benefit of Mo Sha comparing do not have significa[……]

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[there is what food inside vegetable salad] how does _ of the _ method that make make –

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In burning hot summer, come suddenly a fruit salad is big miscellaneous meeting, Zuo is pretty is first-rate! It already pure and fresh can reduce weight again thin body. If you are when restaurant, do salad of on a few fruits, feeling is too bright. But nod again it, with respect to meeting cost you a lot of grandpa Mao grandfathers! Similar meeting uses you are a few pieces of fluctuation. Zuo is our oneself is done relatively sexual price is compared tall! But this makes,the vegetable sort that fruit salad needs is returned really much, what vegetable fruit mixes is fruit salad delicate? Say these a few kinds of food to you stealthily, can see manual of supplement of this fruit salad! One: Ball lettuceMake one of vegetable fruits with fruit common salad. Its taste fragile bright, vitaminic A, C, natural and chemical fiber is a lot of. Be reduce weight of thin body first-rate feed capable person! 2: Suffer from JuChrysanthemum of blame everyone and everything but not oneself, taste is a bit bitter, but it has promote digest, add the effect of appetite. Warmth reminds, it is tonal weigh a taste to jump over difference more. 3: DishIts root and bine are completely can eat! Not only can make fruit salad, crush out juice be first-rate. Of its OK and clean blood! 4: Plumage wild cabbageOften be made by in order to fruit salad, have the blade with fresh harmonic and distinctive look. These bines grow steer clear of again hard. Also have as far as possible dissect oh![……]

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[hotpot and yam can eat together] _ eats _ at the same time but with –

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Beef is to have beneficial gas, lukewarm stomach of positive effect of lukewarm filling kidney feed capable person. And yam medicine is to have hale human body blindly, of lukewarm lienal intestines and stomach feed what medicine is the same as a source to feed capable person. Deficiency of vital energy of applicable intestines and stomach, human body cuts thin, appetite not the person of beautiful. In addition, the protein that rich and colorful still contains in yam medicine, glycogen, vitaminic reach its the carbonate with the indispensable body such as iodic, calcic, iron, phosphor and nutrient element. Can that Zuo beef and yam of the Huaihe River eat together? Yam hotpot Shang Rong closed the good point of both of yam medicine, beef. This soup can fill gas of deficient empty, lukewarm kidney, be good at lienal raise spirit of kidney of stomach, beneficial. Have be good at the effect below lienal beneficial kidney, Wen Zhongnuan, return additionally can hairdressing raises Yan Run bowel. Long-term sex takes yam medicine to be able to promote a lot of sticky protein for the body, the human body that prevents to cause internal system disease to arise is adipose heavy calm, avoid arteriosclerosis to arise too early. The sticky quantity containing sugar of amid and carbonate are shirt-sleeve, be helpful for hale bone hyperplasia, can make cartilage is had extend a gender. Beef yam medicine can eat together. (1) beef has the method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcin[……]

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