[pickled Chinese cabbage is stewed how to long can eat commonly] _ stews _ how to stew –

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Northeastern region has a kind of dish to have taste removing very very acerbity, like asing if to上海花千坊419 pass with rice vinegar bubble, the person of other region eats this kind of dish to press a root to be borne hard, and native eats a is very of vigorously, this kind of dish is called pickle. Pickle can be together with a lot of food nutrition, give birth to pork, fish for example these, flavour very very first-rate. That Zuo issue comes, can pickle how long eat? Pickle should bloat how longBloat subsequently in the whole process of be soiled, the first chapel, in pickle inferior sodium nitrate water content is the biggest after;10 day, after just beginning to drop;20 day commonly, basic subsidise. Eat bloat the pickle of be soiled, had better be crossing a month to take is relatively of security appropriate. Generally speaking, below the circumstance that vegetable fruit just bloated inferior the water content of sodium nitrate can grow continuously, accomplish a fastigium to be able to be reduced later. This one peak is called inferior saltpetre peak. Some vegetable fruits give a peak, some gives 3 times fastigium. Generally speaking, bloat the pickle that be soiled a week fluctuates inferior sodium nitrate water content is the biggest, and after arriving 20 days already very low. This eats again below the circumstance, relatively security. Although pickle is good, but must not learn pickle to bloat meal of the repast after the means of be soiled has pickle. I[……]

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[milk and coke are drunk together meeting how] _ feeds coke _ to affect – together

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Do not suggest we all drinks beverage more, be being drunk 2 times is can; And bovine breast is composition of a kind of nutrition richer healthy drink, daily morning drinks breast of a bottle of ox to be able to let oneself more more the since health of body and mind. That Zuo , can be Coke Cola and bovine breast drunk together? If possible word, how ought to drink? Cannot get a word, where is the reason? This kind of topic that is special care completely discusses. Take we all to know the answer of this one problem nowadays. Can be Coke Cola and bovine breast drunk togetherCan drink together, but had better not drink together, because can reduce the body to be absorbed to the assimilation of calcic essence, also can absorb to digesting cause an effect. Drink bovine breast and Coke Cola together can cause precipitation bicarbonate calcic, coke Cola of a cup of milk is equivalent to drinking below one cup ” the stomach is calculous ” , presented precipitation bicarbonate to create whole process calcicly with the means of civil graph additionally, after the bovine breast mix up of the bovine breast 500ML and 400ML, disclosure both can turn into gradually really Ga color, cause garrulous account other people additionally, rock glass bottle, garrulous account other people can narrow gradually, after ten minutes, vitreous bottom end caused precipitation, and is this one precipitation still the bicarbonate calcium that netizen of that is to say often says? The crucial compo[……]

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[winter Bao what soup is optimum] _ winter drinks _ how to drink –

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As comparative as flesh of general chicken breast, black bone chicken has 10 kinds of carbohydrate, the water content of its albumen, vitaminic B2, vitamin B3, vitaminic E, phosphor, iron, Potassium, natrium is higher, and cholesterol and adipose rate are very little. Take black bone chicken to be able to promote physiological function, prevent anile, strong anything resembling a tendon or vein strong bone be good at bone. Osteoporosis, rachitic to precaution, female is short of iron sex exsanguine etc have distinct effect. Course of action: 1. washs frame of beef, sheep first, hotpot is done some solve, put beef, hotpot boil inside a boiler, can place some of ginger garlic to wait, (do not suit to greaten makings, turn over flavour) , wait for beef, hotpot to be boiled, scoop up cut, obligate. 2. puts ovine framework in boiler, add full clear water, good, shoot, boil, boil a hour to fluctuate, float come out in a few residual dip above, at that time soup is relatively dinkum, put some of ginger garlic, be boiled again, the Shang Cheng that when boils suckles white, went like bovine breast. The soup that boil must know beautiful . 3. puts the beef that cuts, hotpot in the bowl, put some of caraway, sweet Lai, blanched garlic leaves this kind dish, put proper salt, taking the advantage of the Yang Shang that has boiled heat falls into the bowl, good, a bowl of color is ivory, mouthfeel bright alcohol is sweet Yang Shang did well to add leaven dough cake or fire to bake,[……]

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