[purslane dish is no-no] – of note of _ of _ edible contraindication

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The horse ages Jian is the food of cold sex of a kind of character, the group of taste Xu Han and diarrhoea is forbidden take, or can let diarrhoea aggravate. In addition it is not OK that the horse ages this kind of vegetable fruit returns Jian eat togeth上海千花网419er with the food such as feral soft-shelled turtle and pepper, or bowel of meeting aggravate stomach is assumed, more serious when still can cause bromatoxism. The pregnant woman of daily life is forbidden also take equestrian tine Jian, because it has slippery embryo effect, after pregnant woman is taken very easy miscarriage. The effect of purslane and effect1, prevent hypertensiveThe horse ages Jian cannot be the natural dish of rich and colorful of composition of a kind of nutrition, its Zuo is commendable dietotherapy food, hypertensive generation can prevent after be being taken usually, because the nutrient element potassium of rich and colorful is contained in this kind of vegetable fruit, the water content of the material such as amid oxidation Potassium and potassium nitrate and its potassium sulfate is very high, this kind of material can drive acetate metabolism, prevent blood pressure to rise, also can let exorbitant blood pressure restore to come over. 2, reduce blood sugar costThe horse still is contained in tine Jian pure fall naturally blood sugar component, it also can drive adrenal hormone metabolization, can promote essence of person body pleasant the number of insulin, can make material of person bod[……]

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[medlar expiration period is commonly how long] _ protects quality time _ when to expire –

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Medlar is the be placed in the middle since the life is very general feed medicine to be the same as a source double use feed capable person, medlar owns very tall nutrition part, for example: Prevent cardiovascular disease, avoid arteriosclerosis, enhance immune force, hairdressing to raise colour, protect lung of kidney of liver, grow, embellish to relieve a cough these. And the kind that medlar takes is various, for example: Make tea is drunk, bubble medicinal liquor, boil congee, boil boiling water, instantly to be taken orally these. Does that Zuo medlar have storage life? Is storage life how long? Medlar storage lifeStorage life of the medlar below general situation is 18, 19 months of fluctuation. , the storage life of medlarBe located in Inner Mongolia highland and belt of crisscross of loess plateau area, belong to area of climate of monsoon of sex of mainland of the north temperate zone, sunshine illuminate is abundant, accumulate Wen Gao effectively, day and night temperature difference is big. The landform landforms that is this one extraordinary more is amiable Hou grows for medlar the geographical environment that development produced national best surprise, having ” rich Gansu Province of great river of heaven and earth, medlar armour the world coulds there be in ” good name. Wait because of medlar contain component of sugariness of a lot of adipose oil, stickiness, go very easily oily, after memory is too long, can affect quality and reduce effect. Store[……]

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[the effect of pig lung and action are endangered] – of disadvantage of _ advantage _

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Pig lung contains albumen, human body compound of adipose, carbohydrate, calcic, phosphor, iron and vitaminic B1, vitaminic B2, the B such as vitaminic B3 a group of things with common features vitaminic wait, have fill deficient empty, be good at lienal the action that raises a stomach, weak of deficient empty of applicable courage and uprightness, constitution empty is taken. Lung of pig of every 100 grams, contain protein 12.2 grams, with live pig flesh (fat thin) contain 13.2 grams to be not constant; but pig lung contains human body only adipose 3.9 grams, than live pig flesh (fat) contain human body adipose 88.6 grams are low, also compare live pig flesh (fat thin) contain human body adipose 37 grams are low much. Lung of pig of every 100 grams contains cupreous 5.3mg, than live pig flesh (fat) the 1mg that contain copper is tall, also compare live pig flesh (fat thin) the 1.6mg that contain copper is gotten high much. Take the corrupt practice of pig lung: Pig lung is pig dirty, inside conceal a lot of bacterias, be sure to clear clean and the lung that chooses new Zuo comes boil is boiled. Pig lung avoid spends dish, maltose to be fed together in vain, feed meeting bellyacke, vomiting together. Constipation, haemorrhoid person do not suit to be fed more. Below th上海4197龙凤e situation that buys pig lung, pink of surface layer color, glossiness, well-balanced, provide those who extend a gender to be new Zuo lung quite. Mildew changes its color is lung green or brown is[……]

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[rehabilitation new juice treats oral cavity ulcer] – of effect of _ action _

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The metropolis in our lifetime comes up against sundry small issue, although be not compared serious, can generate a lot of bewilderment and pain to basic necessities of life however. For example oral cavity ulcer, boiled water is drunk to ache below the circumstance that come on, and even the word says not agile, that kind painful the outstanding talented person that can have grown ulcer only simply makes clear Hunan. It some people boil a few days is good also that some people boil a few days, it is good to after the oral cavity ulcer of some people takes drug, also can not see, otherwise that is to say often breaks out… that Zuo , is oral cavity ulcer after all how? What reason causes? How should be treated? Is ulcer of oral cavity of cure of rehabilitation new juice good? The element that causes oral cavity ulcer has a lot of, have easy suffer from excessive internal heat generally, damage oral cavity mucous membrane to cause a bacteria to erode, be deficient in pressure of vitaminic, psychology to create the mood greatly too low etc, but not cleared the report outside having what serious illness causes. Normally the circumstance falls, adjust schedule of work and rest, keep food tie-in taste is weak, much draft fruit is vegetable, often do oral cavity to clear wait to be able to drive oral cavity ulcer to be cured quickly. But, if oral cavity ulcer combats recrudescent disease and treat bad, cause height to take seriously even, even if sees a doctor, do well have a m[……]

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[hotpot and yam can eat together] _ eats _ at the same time but with –

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Beef is to have beneficial gas, lukewarm stomach of positive effect of lukewarm filling kidney feed capable person. And yam medicine is to have hale human body blindly, of lukewarm lienal intestines and stomach feed what medicine is the same as a source to feed capable person. Deficiency of vital energy of applicable intestines and stomach, human body cuts thin, appetite not the person of beautiful. In addition, the protein that rich and colorful still contains in yam medicine, glycogen, vitaminic reach its the carbonate with the indispensable body such as iodic, calcic, iron, phosphor and nutrient element. Can that Zuo beef and yam of the Huaihe River eat together? Yam hotpot Shang Rong closed the good point of both of yam medicine, beef. This soup can fill gas of deficient empty, lukewarm kidney, be good at lienal raise spirit of kidney of stomach, beneficial. Have be good at the effect below lienal beneficial kidney, Wen Zhongnuan, return additionally can hairdressing raises Yan Run bowel. Long-term sex takes yam medicine to be able to promote a lot of sticky protein for the body, the human body that prevents to cause internal system disease to arise is adipose heavy calm, avoid arteriosclerosis to arise too early. The sticky quantity containing sugar of amid and carbonate are shirt-sleeve, be helpful for hale bone hyperplasia, can make cartilage is had extend a gender. Beef yam medicine can eat together. (1) beef has the method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcin[……]

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[the white turnip hotpot that stew is no-no] _ makes – of no-no _ note

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Predicting the mutton chop that stew is a the daily life of a family that makes with turnip, beef small fry. A bamboo basket is predicted crisp sodden, fragrance is weak, have clear phlegmy relieve a cough 上海龙凤阁expectorant, peng Zhong raises hematic action. Improve function of airframe immunity force: A bamboo basket predicts the vitaminic C that contains rich and colorful and nutrient element zinc, be helpful for improving the immune force function of airframe, promote disease resistance working capability. Food prepares ahead of scheduleRaw material: Beef 400 grams, turnip 50 grams, blanched garlic leaves 15 grams, jiang Pian 1 a small, anise fennel is proper, anise fennel properCondiment: The plant is oily 30 grams, chili is oily 3 small spoon, unripe draw 3 small spoon, big bone soup 3 one teaspoon, one teaspoon of rice wine 1/3, pink of Chinese prickly ash a few, pi county thick broad-bean sauce 3 small spoon, salt 2 small spoon, small spoon of gallinaceous essence 1/2, Make flow1. beef cleans section, the turnip is cleaned husk section, jiang Pian is cleaned pat a pine, blanched garlic leaves is cleaned cutBit of oil is added in 2. past boiler, burn, put into oil of thick broad-bean sauce of county of fennel of ginger, anise, anise fennel, Pi, beef to explode an aroma, introduce soup of rice wine, big bone, with medium baking temperature bake3. adds essence of turnip, salt, chicken, Chinese prickly ash subsequently pink, unripe smoke burn come fully into flavour, it is OK[……]

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[encyclopedia of practice of gallinaceous spermary Zhuang Yang] – of practice of the daily life of a family of _ of the _ method that make

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Gallinaceous spermary that is to say gallinaceous kidney. Gallinaceous kidney is organ of a kind of human body, the one part of system of reproduction of make water of vest in secrete, in assuming worry unnecessarily blood those who hold blood and electrolyte solution is residual, balanced, cause eduction of pipeline of after the event of the course in make water finally to come besides the body; The effect that also has endocrine additionally in order to adjust blood pressure. Be not alias ” gallinaceous reins ” , of general masses alias ” gallinaceous reins ” the male reproduction organ of actually chicken ” male spermary ” . In daily life a lot of people arrive below the circumstance of flesh of chest eating chicken is the chicken inside spermary gives desertion, a lot of people feel gallinaceous spermary is not eatable, actually gallinaceous spermary can eat, with having meat o上海千花网419r fish is same, and the course of action of gallinaceous spermary is sundry, a lot of people below the circumstance that the spermary that use chicken will come to make food love to choose the method that uses deepfry, also some of person loves to do gallinaceous spermary boiling water with gallinaceous spermary, the practice of in that way cate a lot of people are not easy, below we all Zuo is the concerned course of action that discusses it. Gallinaceous spermary soupRaw material: Chicken child 300 grams, three-colored amaranth 100 grams, fine and soft of Ba Ji, Chinese cynomorium, dried meat[……]

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