★ ★ forecasts basketball to guess a match to always divide game ★ ★

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★ ★ forecasts basketball to guess a match to always divide game ★ ★ Edition advocate leave a messageZscisdog(2019-9-23 07:17) : Total score 92-75 Conveniently nods a hearts, wish brother grand carries pawn. Play a way very simple, guess the total cent of this field basketball game. Guess regulation explains: Member of 3 class above attends ★ , allow to follow t o be stuck only each, violate compasses person punish 500 gold coin. Compasses of total edition of area of ★ guess, match applies to this field recreation guess. Total edition compasses: Thread-6547029-1-1.html★ opens game time alertly, do not exceed nowadays to note! Open contest to stop the chip in, person that violate to be punished again namely. This ★ guess is free guess. Complemental word number, have group additionally please! Disable otherwise. Group of management of ★ sports division is had relevant the final explanation power that di d not exhaust regular clause, reduce advantageous position eventually. ★ member does not allow an editor, the mistake is askedClick a report, privately is revised, press edition compasses processing. Award is as follows: Differ 2 minutes to reward 30 gold coin up and down with total score. Differ 1 minute to reward 50 gold coin up and down with total score. Differ 0 minutes to reward 200 gold coin up and down with total score. With total score + lucky now number differs 0 minutes additional award 20 gold coin. [[……]

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[chicken can be stewed together with yam] _ eats _ at the same time but with –

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Can be yam medicine stewed together with chicken? The answer is self-evident, without doubt can ah, and be most match. Nutrient composition water content is high, vest in Qing Dynasty fills model feed capable person, body is cold sickish group can do yam to stew chicken to eat more. Because the net weaves the way that should share medicine of a yam to stew chicken with you this now,follow working experience, follow the rhythm feeling that the net makes up, move rise the hand comes! Yam medicine belongs to greenery for yam division yam, it is to feed medicine to hold some histories concurrently with the source long crop, existing 2000 grow historical time. Element of bursa of the protein that its tuber contains rich and colorful, methylic cellulose, mucilaginous, choline, make water and 16 kinds of carbohydrate, cyanine element fights mildew element, vitaminic C to wait, timely rain is contained to get together in mucus candy and establish acid. Lienal empty of in order to, long have diarrhoea is more than, lobar empty asthma coughs, chronic nephritis, diabetic, the disease such as secretion of frequent seminal emission, enuresis, vagina. Have the effect of kidney of beneficial of lung of essence of be good at taste, lock, embellish. The food medicines and chemical reagents that is a kind of first-rate diabetic cure holds some officinal plants concurrently. With other sort contrast is had ” face, sweet, crisp, sweet ” characteristic, be called ” our country Lilliputian is joi[……]

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[vegetable can put freezer how long] _ of _ cold storage affects –

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A lot of people treated freezer as in the home ” food disinfects cupboard ” , feel to store the environment of food that is to say in freezer is healthy. Actually, because freezer is long-term food of sexual Chu Fang often does not clear again, meeting develop gives a lot of bugs. In freezer although the surface looks new still Zuo ,feed capable person, but in fact already mildew changes. Freezer stores the common safe temperature that feeds capable person is 4 ℃ to 8 ℃ , below this kind of environment, the bacteria of the majority grows growth rate can be decelerated. But a few bacterias however be addicted to is cold, dark bacterium of the Er that be like Ye, Lisite bacterium next instead are spent to be able to grow breed quickly in this kind of , if take the provision that caught this kind of bug, can cause enteron disease. And in the deepfreeze of freezer, is spent fluctuate in 0 18 ℃ commonly, spend in this kind of below, general bacteria is be checked or kill, because food of this Chu Fang side here has more powerful cold storage effect. But refrigerate and can not eliminate bacterium thoroughly certainly, still a few fight the bacteria with cold job extremely strong capability to be able to live come out. Accordingly, from another perspective character, if freezer often is not disinfected antiseptic, instead can become a few bacterias ” seedbed ” . In addition, the food in freezer also need not Chu Fang is overmuch, the outside that can let feed capable[……]

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[the toxic symptom that eats Shi Jia] – of action of _ effect _

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Do you understand Shi Jia fruit? In Chinese Taiwan Shi Jia is a kind of very precious fresh fruit if really, but living daily in us is not general. Because of its the appearance resembles the head form of Sakyamuni a bit, and famous ” Shi Jia fruit ” . Mix as a result of appearance again Li ability is similar, also be called ” sweetsop ” . A lot of people not quite master Shi Jia fruit, what is the bromatoxism symptom that eats Shi Jia? Below introduces in detail for we all. Take the profit of Shi Jia fruit1. Shi Jia contains the vitaminic C of rich and colorful if really. Have fall the action of hematic fat, it is best fight oxidisability fresh fruit, skin of OK and reasonable slow down ebbs, beautiful white skin. 2. Shi Jia also is the calcium of certain amount if really, can prevent myopia, slow down myopia develops trend; firm front tooth, assist high grade protein to digest absorb, drive skeleton to grow; can be adjusted grow hormone metabolizes, maintain body soda acid to wait. Water content of fiber of chemistry of pulp of 3. Shi Jia is higher, can drive gastric bowel function reasonably, eduction goes corner is in intestinal bowel is oily, relieve costive symptom, prevent constipation. 4. Shi Jia is had if really fall the action of hematic fat, abroad is common come diabetic cure. Diabetic person often takes Shi Jia, be aimed at a symptom alleviate remarkable Zuo helps dietotherapy effect. 5. science considers to conclude, the extract content of Shi Jia fruit b[……]

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[lactation 10 big no-no fruits] _ is nursed period _ note –

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Just was born little baby, begin feed of pure mother milk even, the battalion nurturance that considers little baby divides a requirement. The crucial nutrition composition that milk is little baby originates, dietary collocation of the mother can affect its quality. The mother had better be to improve dietary collocation, prevent to eat abstain from feed capable person. Can the mother between that lactation have what? What is fresh does the mother between unfavorable lactation eat the fruit? 1, can not eat mango moreMango wet poison, contain varied the component that contains stimulation to skin, send quick sex protein, Arabia glue, aldehydic acid for example. If the mother between lactation is not advertent, lie between 3 difference 5 had eaten mango, this kind of component can deliver little baby via milk, cause child allergy. The mother between proposal lactation has mango less, prevent little baby calorific poison suffers from eczema. 2, can not eat a fruit moreMuskmelon is the fresh fruit that a lot of people like the summer, but this is cold cool, the mother during be aimed at lactation, did not have profit, ought to avoid to eat as far as possible. If the mother often eats a fruit, the little baby with gastric young bowel has drunk mom’s milk again, may give the disease such as diarrhoea. 3, can not have Li ability moreClass status of Li ability nutrition is high, can increase airframe immunity capacity, but during suiting lactation, the mother has, because have[……]

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[the milk that just expired can be drunk] how does _ use – with _

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The thing that a lot of people feel to expire if not mildew changes to be able to eat, due bovine breast if not mildew changes to be able to be drunk, it is old people very economical be used to, feeling a few although expire,feed capable person, but was being thrown can be quite, because this is patchy,take, does that Zuo expire can be milk still drunk? Expire can be milk still drunkNo matter due bovine breast changes not mildew changes, can not drink again. Because bovine breast is all previous classics disinfection is antiseptic, antiseptic seal Xuan again, still store inside small one part was not killed or advantageous, more high temperature resistant bacteria or bacteria bud afterbirth, one but already lived storage life, the bacteria accomplishs gross to be able to exceed manage to digest index and hygiene standard for food, can give the unwell feeling disease such as diarrhoea, more serious meeting is caused toxic. Take second place expires the crucial part in milk, albumen is sufferred already destroy, the albumen below this kind of state not only lose particularity nutrition part already, and cause certain endotoxin, popularization is told had drunk not only p上海千花网信息rofitless to human body place, still can produce litter in the body, without fraction effect. A bit finaller it is the most crucial a bit, experiment of science of all previous classics, although the ox breeds in producing a course, all previous classics eliminates bacterium, but be not 100% won’t sic[……]

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[boiled water develops egg Zhuang Yang] – of advantage of _ action _

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Boiled water lives daily in us to the egg very extensive, below the case that still marks smally, when awaking in the morning, can drink go down the egg water that father has filled, sweet taste drinks whole in the mouth body is warm completely, which circumstance falls to feel, cate of this one characteristic ases if the god is put commonly have, some people say to drink boiled water to develop an egg, can see a doctor, also have effect of first-rate filling kidney Zhuang Yang, but also be a lot of people say, rush with egg water, there are a lot of bacterias inside, long-term sex is dr上海龙凤阁unk develop egg and Bai Sha candy with boiled water, unremitting 30 days, what profit can you have to human body? We understand, it is very tall that the nutrition of the egg uses value, it li of egg white that webbing has rich and colorful, and be digested very easily by the body absorb, daily can maintain eat 1-2 unripe egg. And often drink hot water, have quite big profit to our human body, and boiling water and the close together union that lay an egg, sure can have very first-rate profit, and not only can water more, and can complement the nutrient part that human body needs. Develop an egg with boiled water, can complement enough protein food, unripe egg Li Man still contains the not saturated fatty acid of rich and colorful, this kind of material can be helpful for reducing the water content of the cholesterol in blood, the assimilation that can drive the nutrient element such as vita[……]

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[be pregnant metaphase can eat chocolate] _ is conceived period _ affects –

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The dietary collocation during be pregnant has a lot of abstaining from, want to eat langouste less, can not drink these. But the achievement of a scientific research of the near future may be the good news that a lot of pregnant mom want to hear: Pregnant woman eats Zhuguli, have profit to fetal darling. Zhuguli is apperception of yellow ketone compound, polysaccharide closes matterZhuguli – it is black chocolate very – contain yellow ketone compound, much saccharide compound. It is a kind pure natural put some compound, contain antioxidant. Yellow ketone compound, much saccharide compound is cyanine element greenery organic chemistry is big familial one part. A lot of feed capable person, if vegetable fruit, fructification, claret is mixed,green tea leaf contains apperception of yellow ketone compound, polysaccharide to close matter. Zhuguli contains alcohol of a kind of yellow alkyl, zhuguli is blacker, yellow alkyl alcohol can be jumped over much. This kind of material has profit very to pregnant mom human body. Eat Zhuguli to grow to the fetal development of pregnant woman development has active and active effect. Because the yellow ketone compound in Zhuguli, much saccharide compound can improve the haemal liquidity of mom body,this is. Hematic capacity promotion is helpful for embryonic unripe long growth and action everything is normal. This ought to be met be pregnant the Jian fruit that has arisen. Pregnant woman eats Zhuguli between very crucialPregnant[……]

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[effect of gold medicinal material and action] – of benefit of _ advantage _

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Ba Ji day is blindly the medicinal material in the be good at taste of traditional pattern, it is blindly food, its crucial action in other words fills lung of embellish of gas blood method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, be good at taste relieves a cough, also have the effect of filling kidney Zhuang Yang in addition. Ba Ji day applies to dry of lung of deficiency of yang, dry cough dry of dry tongue of fatigued, mouth feeds tired of Xu Han of gargle of little deficiency of yin with irritability of kidney of liver of phlegmy, lung, old Sang Jiu, taste, body caustic of empty of sluggish, lienal classics, inside igneous satisfy one’s thirst. The officinal value of Ba Ji day gets a word, the key is the immune force action that can promote the body, produce toxin of bacterium of a few curb, disease-resistant adequately then cure, fight fungus, reach what its Zuo aids to fall blood pressure, fall blood sugar, fall the action of hematic fat. Ba Ji day is divided when medicine beyond, below the circumstance of dietotherapy, often boil congee with lean lean of pig of Ba Ji day, effective raw material gets a word, with Ba Ji day 50 grams, thin pork 50 grams, paddy rice 100 grams, add salt of a bit green, ginger, edible each are proper. Course of action gets word that is to say to clean thin pork, cut becomes small-scale obligate, decoct makes Ba Ji day, get rid of dregs of a decoction subsequently, leave medical juice have, add bead o[……]

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