[the effect that water of bubble of red jujube lily drinks] – of advantage of _ action _

Perfume lily and big jujube are the food of preserve one’s health with nutrient very fast composition completely, they can not eat independently solely, can supplement boils tea to drink together, the flavor of tea of liliaceous red jujube that becomes frothily with them is sweet, flavour balmy, can fill shade embellish lung is OK also lukewarm lienal courage and uprightness, if can the unremitting tea that boil is drunk still can raise Yan Meirong to prevent consenescence. The action of make tea of perfume lily red jujube1, calm the nerves composedly aid MianPerfume lily and big jujube are to be able to adjust food of human nerval preserve one’s health completely, their supplement boils tea to drink together can let calm the nerves composedly the action that helps Mian is more exceedingly good, edible can adjust everybody after it the mood releases pressure nerve, to the mankind neurasthenic with insomnia much dream often has effect of certain take good care of sb, in addition if pressure is too great,everybody is in in the life, often have irritating the state with be perturbed, still can want to use perfume lily and red jujube make tea to drink. 2, raise Yan MeirongHaving bright beautiful appearance is the mutual ideal that loves beautiful group, but the application of only pure sex protects skin to taste and cannot maintain in order to let the skin true youthful with health of body and mind, common ought to much more advertent food is tie-in, can let the skin having one to plant in that way pure the art of health of natural body and mind is beautiful. Make tea of perfume lily red jujube drinks that is to say hairdressing protects everybody of skin had better be to choose, it can be lukewarm lienal courage and uprightness is OK also body platoon poison still can promote give somebody a new lease on life of skin system cell, the skin that can let the mankind manages the case of health of youthful body and mind. 3, lukewarm lienal courage and uprightnessWhen the body gives lose money in business of courage and uprightness, can create facial department not only dark yellow, still can let a constitution reduce, special and easy constitution giving is frail, in the life unremitting uses perfume lily and red jujube make tea to drink, can be body temperature lienal courage and uprightness, p

romote human body hematopoiesis function, can let human complexion maintain Bai Li fully red, and can make body accomplishment apparent increase. Daily life enrages cave in in these the person of two empty goes to amiable blood when dry of lung giving coughs, drink with perfume lily and red jujube make tea can have relieve a cough significantly expectorant effect. 4, body platoon poison protects liverMake tea of perfume lily red jujube still can drive body toxin to accumulate metabolism, avoid endotoxin to be in hepatic position deposit, additionally it still can promote person body serum the particularity of albumen, promote hepatic give somebody a new lease on life, unremitting is drunk with water of bubble of perfume lily red jujube, can promote examination of human liver function to also can avoid liver to become ill not only. Poison of a few pure natural disease-resistant still is contained to treat component in perfume lily and big jujube, hepatic pathological change can avoid after they are digested to absorb by liver, hepatitis of sex of virus of block the way and liver cancer arise.

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