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Northeastern region has a kind of dish to have taste removing very very acerbity, like asing if to

pass with rice vinegar bubble, the person of other region eats this kind of dish to press a root to be borne hard, and native eats a is very of vigorously, this kind of dish is called pickle. Pickle can be together with a lot of food nutrition, give birth to pork, fish for example these, flavour very very first-rate. That Zuo issue comes, can pickle how long eat? Pickle should bloat how longBloat subsequently in the whole process of be soiled, the first chapel, in pickle inferior sodium nitrate water content is the biggest after;10 day, after just beginning to drop;20 day commonly, basic subsidise. Eat bloat the pickle of be soiled, had better be crossing a month to take is relatively of security appropriate. Generally speaking, below the circumstance that vegetable fruit just bloated inferior the water content of sodium nitrate can grow continuously, accomplish a fastigium to be able to be reduced later. This one peak is called inferior saltpetre peak. Some vegetable fruits give a peak, some gives 3 times fastigium. Generally speaking, bloat the pickle that be soiled a week fluctuates inferior sodium nitrate water content is the biggest, and after arriving 20 days already very low. This eats again below the circumstance, relatively security. Although pickle is good, but must not learn pickle to bloat meal of the repast after the means of be soiled has pickle. If long-term sex devouringly, cause secrete make water possibly to fasten stone, and the salt of a lot of edible that adds when souse pickled Chinese cabbage, can cause reach the special disease such as disease of aggravate tracheitis, respiratory tract to plant. Mildewy pickle is in especially risk, have carcinogen, cannot take. Suitable carry, winter is the best season of souse pickled Chinese cabbage, other time also can make, but the sexual price of winter of be not a patch on is compared tall. Pickle bloats the means of be soiledRaw material: Chinese cabbage, big bead saltCourse of action1, most put the Chinese cabbage that has chosen to outdoors air first 3 days two, volatilize portion of a few water. 2, hand and numerical control razor blade are washed clean, do not have oily be soiled thoroughly. Excise the old gang of air good Chinese cabbage and not quite good lamina, and from the one analyse intermediate is 2. 3, bloat air basks in the household utensils clean down of be soiled, cannot burn oil in order to have one man euqally. 4, the Chinese cabbage that cuts is ironed with hot water, need not grow between very hot , iron a place to iron a leaf again first, the tonal appreciably of dish became green to go. 5, Chinese cabbage should be put first cool, later cut is gadarene by put containers esp. for use in the house, begin from De Duangang, every place a Chinese cabbage to spill salt of a big bead, what after piling up crock head, press as far as possible is close send. 6, after putting, a block is controlled above, with last bag seal mouth of dead household utensils. 7, introduce cold water the following day, let water did not cross Chinese cabbage, zip again last bag, reduce the lay a finger on with gas, can stronger hair is mellow. 8, after be soiled bloating 30 days below the environment that spends 5-10 in , can take. 9, period inside the water level line in wanting advertent view to check household utensils, if water is analysed,had had even instantly bail out a few avoid outflow. 10, before taking in order to, should clear or be to invade bubble, portion of crowded dry water again cook.

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