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Asparagus lettuce is the fruit of a kind of vegetable that full back of left of our basic necessities of life samples, various way of doing things, very delicate goluptious. The net makes up that is to say that loves most to do boiled dumpling stuffing with asparagus lettuce and unripe pork, the delicacy that raised live pig flesh is sweet, in the fat move that closed the flesh. At ordinary times we can fry the flesh with celery instantly, it is a kind of very general family small fry, flavour very delicate and goluptious, and often eat asparagus lettuce have a lot of profit to the person’s human body. Asparagus lettuce is a kind of not slashing to environment of unripe long growth greenery, development can grow in river border district, because this asparagus lettuce is the fruit of vegetable of give somebody a new lease on life of a kind of right new hand. Suitable scope: Live in big city, free land did not grow vegetable fruity personCommon problem: One, if asparagus lettuce root is new cut, need not Chu Fang is too long-term. 2, because water is very easy,need not cultivate below the circumstance of phlogistic summer mildew changes. 3, the asparagus lettuce root after be being cut, put into freezer first between a paragraph of , can make give bud mutation to get more and more special and easy. Essential thing: Place of asparagus lettuce root, water cup or it is other the containers esp. for use in the house that has certain aspect ratio, small potted flowerpot, the soil that digs newlyGrow time: All phase of a year can. Operate circuit: The first pace: Prepare water cup and water ahead of schedule, in putting asparagus lettuce root into water cup, add right amount water, water did not spend a part apropos, need not overmuch, as a result of,otherwise asparagus lettuce root is met suffocative come and rot. The 2nd pace: Daily check water chaliced water is abundant, if the water in water cup is too little, complement instantly even the water in water cup, and want advertent concept checking water is mildew cha

nges, if water already fouler and fouler, tear open instantly even change water, or the root of asparagus lettuce also can rot. The 3rd pace: The growth that advertent view checks asparagus lettuce development state of affairs, after blade is grown, give small asparagus lettuce even ” move new home ” . How to go up in the flowerpot that gets ready before thing premise sufficient ground, if use the containers esp. for use in the house besides potted flowerpot, want to still remember drilling a hole in end end. Had better be to use grow formerly development is worn the earth of the area of greenery, because there is nutrient material in in that way soil layer, more the growth that is helpful for asparagus lettuce development. the asparagus lettuce that grows a lamina already migratory in potted flowerpot, the amount that increases earth had better be to obscure the root of asparagus lettuce is in before long, ash of a float is scattered gently above, gently press gently firm, need not use very big energy. The 4th pace: Give the asparagus lettuce that moves new building to irrigate, the aperture eduction that water can carry from the bottom just goes, edaphic layer must irrigate had irrigated, otherwise if, suddenly not OK the subterranean bine with asparagus lettuce one part is shirt-sleeve, the growth of adverse asparagus lettuce development. The 5th pace: Ready, receive go down that is to say waits to obtain, see asparagus lettuce grows similar case, cut from foliaceous bine instantly, after and close be being planted, asparagus lettuce still meets what persistent length updates, eat again later very convenient. Although see above have 5 flow, also have a few common problems, but Zuo of the since real operation is very simple and easy, because asparagus lettuce is a kind very fight severe blow good kind of vivid vegetable fruit, do not need too elegant live environment, earth giving a point can be planted to a few water lived, have between can try personally, oneself cultivates the asparagus lettuce that go out, come back than buying should more delicate and goluptious!

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