[Chun Xiazhi is handed in drink what boiling water] _ Chun Xia eats _ how to drink –

Just will meet Chun Xiazhi is handed in April, gas Hou is not smooth, bring about lay particular stress on of the damp inside human body body. Authoritative expert suggests, dietary collocation taste is weak, strengthen take exercise, it is OK to use dispel wet food to boil boiling water the damp inside cleared body. The food of lukewarm filling taste has little stomach of seed of grass carp, yam, lotus, Fu Ling, pig, goose to wait; The food with wet dispel has beans of rice of red bean, Yi benevolence, Qing Sun, Holand, east melon. What boiling water will drink actually April? Below netizen recommends way of soup of 10 kinds of healthy preserve one’s health. 1, bone chicken broth of black of Bao of wild peach of the five fingersRaw material: Black bone chicken, wild peach of the five fingers 100 grams, pig is spinal 200 grams, Fu Ling 25 grams, Jiang San piece, small jujube 3, salt is right amount. Course of action: Wait for wild peach of black bone chicken, the five fingers, Fu Ling wash clean in be being put into soup Bao; The pig is spinal boil in boiled water ” flying water ” , in be being put into soup Bao; In cutting 3 Jiang Fang to enter soup Bao, drink 10 bowls of cold water, after piling water boil with fierce anger, change slow fire Bao 2 hour; Proper saline condiment falls on the desk on soup. Action: Fu Ling has be good at lienal, go the action of damp, black bone chicken contains pigment, B a group of things with common features 18 kinds of vitaminic, carbohydrate and element of 18 kinds of nutrition, and adipose rate is very low, this Shang Nengjian lienal dispel preserve one’s health of health of blood of oedema of wet, benefit, filling gas. 2, He Xie Yi soup of benevolence rice Bao lean leanRaw material: Beans of seed of lean lean of rice of He leaf, Yi benevolence, pig, lotus, Holand, dry yam proper. Course of action: Mix beans of rice of lotus seed, Yi benevolence, Holand dry yam is cleaned, beans of Yi benevolence rice, Holand and yam invade bubble a hour; Pig lean lean is cleaned, section, quick-boil water fish out; Heat the cold water in made of baked clay Bao, put into all raw material, article baked wheaten cake leaves, bao of the slow fire in turning a hour, condiment playing salt is OK edible. Action: Rise gas evolution blood, be good at lienal dispel is wet, dispel exhaustion. 3, fish of crucian carp of yam red turnip bean curd soupRaw material: Yam 300 grams, red turnip 200 grams, grass carp 1~2

, small jujube 2, pig lean lean 50 grams, jiang Pian 3. Course of action: yam, red turnip respective flay is cut thick piece, small jujube, ginger piece, after pig lean lean is cleaned, put into chaffy dish, add 2000ml cold water, leave with fire Bao; The grass carp that oily will clear scour off gives like the scales of a fish after hot pot is put into the decoct in hot pot to be spent gently to two sides after hair is yellow, inside the chaffy dish that puts its into Bao to leave; Slow fire Bao changes 30 minutes after dividing Zuo with fire Bao 3~5 Zuo , it is OK that flameout adds saline condiment. Action: Grass carp is helpful for Qing Dynasty of be good at taste heating up benefit wet, with stand be good at lienal appetizing, invigorate the circulation of blood spends Yu promote blood circulation by invigorating vital energy, peng Zhong leaves energy of life; Accurate hill has the be good at taste, be good at kidney, effect that raises blood; Red turnip has soft liver regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it, lukewarm stomach be good at taste, aid digestion guides the action of sluggish. This soup is relaxed and delicate, be good at taste raises blood, aid digestion lukewarm stomach, be good at lienal appetizing, go damp,

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