[end of navel apply ginger has what effect] – of advantage of _ abdomen _

We are in usually making is to put a few ginger in the whole process of dish type piece, can reasonable eliminate smelling of fish, and often have first-rate practical effect to feeding the adjustment of material, drive nutrient composition level to show. What effect and practical effect does foam of ginger of apply of eye of that Zuo navel have? The practical effect of navel of ginger end apply is relatively good completely, prevent to appear disgusting retch or the state that are human body cold sex, but operation method is wrong, also may cause the bo

dy uncomfortable, some patients still may cause the harm of partial skin allergy, because this ought to apply carefully. If give symptom, airsick state, the way that can pick applied ginger foam to stick navel develops cure, can ease patient’s condition reasonably, but application cannot become what may cause side effect to cause, if stick thing too long, also may cause the skin red itch and give scratchy disease. Ginger foam sticks navel relatively long also may cause a patient to give the disease with gastric bowel disorder function, but detailed circumstance is of because of the person different, cause side effect not easily for the most part cause, because it is the method that a kind of relatively general physics recuperates, cause the disease with more serious uncomfortable body not easily. Prevent diarrhoea to give the group of diarrhoea because of catch cold catch cold or the influence that are physical geography area, need not take the drug that administers diarrhoea immediately, the means that can use ginger to stick navel treats diarrhoea. Because Jiang Pian has Wen Zhong,come loose cold effect. Can secure Jiang Pian with plaster of medical treatment equipment do not move go up in navel eye, daily and advertent drinking water reachs put up for the night. Have prevent the turmeric element that cancer contains in practical effect Jiang Pian, it is one kind has the material that prevents cancerous effect very by force, mix to skin cancer the large intestine that causes by institute of gas of methane of amine of acyl of air oxidation armour cancer, have very first-rate inhibition the effect. Common problemThe action that ginger foam sticks navel is very good, have the effect with certain cold dispel, and be relatively good completely to maw bowel take good care of sb, prevent occurrence constipation cause, the bowel that drives gastric bowel wriggles, can prevent position of intestines and stomach reasonably to affect the harm of inflammation.

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