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all19[civil travel the world] the sky that will be June as beforeThe sky that will be June as beforeCivil / parting sentimentAutumn wind is as before such bleak, the withered grass of eyeful spreads in feeling, wither and corrupt breath can be inWhen in the still of night faint send out. Dark wave of quiet heart sea actually is moved, the messy dirge in jumpy rhythm of the heart, the black shadow of all over the sky is enveloped in cleverIn fetch, of brandish of for a long time do not go. In life rise to fall greatly greatly in, one individual have no way out, the injury incarnadine with endless look the setting sun of autumn day; In the heavy surplus surplus of life, a person recalls a painful experience, wipe the bruise of again and again that goes up personally gently, alone personSet foot on answer read means. Did not have former days cheesy, it is it seems that in this world, remain a kind of color to be able to be depicted only at the momentThe world — gray. Probably, in this gray region, although did low-down make a stand against, also be a kind lightBut between hover heart. Did not have erst smile, it is it seems that in this autumn day, only thematic go playing the add music now– disconsolate. Perhaps, the depression of 上海花千坊1314DEsee everywhere bleak, even if have a few jumpy happy note now and then, also be difficultIn order to conceal that sadness below try to show happyness when one is sad. Only comfort of my heart is, my what study on 2 lines derate the charge that half answer reads. In that paragraph of day, whole person is a lot of a lot of more dejected. Do not be willing to allude with the person those sad associate with, Do not be willing to make other communication more, also be light mournful laugh only now and then. Stem from protection this year’s unripe, in principle we must not take up any resource, include accommodation and classroom. Live thenThe school on constellation looked for a bedraggled elementary school, have the car Cheng of half hour from the school in the main, and my criterion is with the friendClose around the school hire (mean landlord, a month is when be being decided originally of 100, see later haveMany answer read unripe rent a house, go up 105) . An accident broke halcyon space later, in ash is cheatedUnconscious early morning, 上海千花网坊when classmate A Jun Lu crosses a corner, indescribable meet with social youth group beat up, as a result at livinga few days of hospitals (social youth says later is acknowledge a mistake person) . Major classmate was lifted in succession after this matter hireRoom upsurge…Answer read day is more as dry as a chip with insipid, just like is growing long runway to go up to be folded back and forth return, just, IPeople terminus does not have terminus. Most what hold back bends is, the school is stemmed from prevent answer read unripe have what wicked idea, absolutely cent isClass of 1 of science department schoolboy and class of 1 of science department schoolgirl, it may be said is shade action, without place need not its extremely. This virtually aggravate witheredThe burning point of dry and detonate a dot. Let this we the wolf of this group of all of one suit, those who find joy is, there are a few woman students at that time is us those who talk about endowmentThis. The little younger sister of low grade (say for the moment for S) , make a of our classroom window distinctive view. EveryThe world midday attends class, we always can look down at from the classroom of 6 buildings the S that has gone hurriedly, vivid wave and youth are written in still take slightlyYoung face. Another is the K girl of class of manage female 1 , every night punctual transient 7:15 our class classroom. This side Lothario often can scream aloud (actually K girl just is tide is compared to stopped on dress, say notGo up beautiful. Nevertheless she is like very enjoy, everyday of regardless of the weather transient 7:15) …Indeed, the teacher also is met timely channel channel, now and then will order a lengthy speech or article, say the dot invigorates popular feeling and moraleThing. A lot of moment we just also assentation, true the five flavors is miscellaneous old, fall in the ability上海龙凤后花园 in oneself heart onlyCan real experience gets. Be in answer these read days, we profess XX wolf, like kickball. Meet 5 people to make each weekendFootball ground ground has the competition (the one party that be defeated pays field fee) . XX wolf is having haggard, having madcap, also havingCapital, be in answer in a year when read, invincible, never had paid field fee, this is let them be worth mostA bridge that gets memory paragraph. Of course, the boss of field once to hit us wolf of this group of XX, Specially searched socially the friend of football of a few hobbies will challenge us, good destroy our power and prestige. Although personallyWe cannot hold a dominant position上海龙凤1314419 on body, but technology and cooperate to go up or go up to prepare slightly, let them finally Sha feather and return. In 100 days when be close to the university entrance exam later, get hurt for guarantee against, wolf of this group of XX also had not been kicked again. Pull far, return study to go up. Was on this answer read road, did not have prodigal capital, clear realize this, total meeting is bittenTighten mandibular joint. In this answer in a year when read, besides go out late Saturday kickball, weekday the dormitory sleeps afternoon outside, othertime is bad news in exercises and skill grind only on. Be being added just is not key education object (a bit boastful, Breathe out ah) , still be bigger on pressure so. White examination paper has everyday many, inscribe naval battle art is a teacher to love. Although be more very,have notOf confused undertake, but we have too many visitors or business to deal with always have a few. Often the teacher says to boil went, a fewYou are aft

er the month when the tower of ivory, you won’t grouse again at the moment reappeared. The person is to have look forward to with the illusion, Hear all kind if when language, also be glad now and then happy mad, even if this dream is an unknown as before. Answer read day gradually neared end, I was done not have that one insecurity last year and spellbound, but also sayDo not go up very calm. Imitate is taken an examination of or had compared, before two imitate take an examination ofing is 20 in, imitate takes an examination ofThe final before still was mixed the first, more satisfactory still to oneself. In us this county is weighedIn dot high school, before 20 enter school of countrywide name school, almost every year of course Tsinghua gives birth to Beijing University. Be in one time this so after weighing in the hand, I still loosen. The before one evening of the university entrance exam, old father and bar of hall elder brother one box Gong Niu, still have a few Hami melon, still have other, calculateBe final encouragement. Actually those a few days, drank red ox of a few canister only, be afraid that chaos has a thing after all, influence play. The university entrance exam of two days passed at a draught. Without guffaw, also did not cry. Before after coming home, be being mixed one, estimating a mark euqally, weighed in the hand, take an examination of not very is well. That year, it is German world cup of 6 years, or the mood is a bit low, how to pay close attention to the match. Achievement came out later, classmaster make a telephone call for a short while, after the achievement that hears me, still break quiteFall. Achievement exceeds line of a key only. We squad leader is 779 minutes higher than me, I what learn a committee member at ordinary times and heNeck and neck, we are difference of a few minutes commonly. Must admit, my the university entrance exam is failure. The likelihood is the quality in the heart closes nevertheless, often be before pressureCannot have adjusted oneself state of mind, if be at ordinary times exam, that is the hand arrives capture come. Have bit of lose. I am in all the time forward the dream of Zhongshan university is ongoing, can be to stop a pace after all. A bit gratified also, the tower of ivory is sentimentally attached to as before I. In university wine when, classmaster came. Of classmaster or disappointment, say to have a place really regrettablly. Have bit of forced smile. What cannot change is actual, only a few cups of wine are thankful, of the teacher paying also is many what comparative. such, ended quadratic the university entrance exam, hurt Chun Beiqiu triflingly less compared with first time, at least in the hearta lot of quieter. That year, I walk into the tower of ivory! On July 17, 2012PS: The word says the university entrance exam twice or fail quite, do not cross an after all, quadratic tries hard orEffective, even if be mingled with is worn,regret. An estimation should keep a few jobs of college grad夜上海论坛FTuate around, pay close attention to please! Accessory: The user group that you are in cannot download or examine accessory