(simple kindness novel) the good time that is together with girl 上海千花网坊HGthe 2nd chapter

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knowledgment X in all9(simple kindness novel) the good time that is together with girl the 2nd chapter      (simple kindness novel) the good time that is together with girl the 2nd chapterWant to wait a f夜上海最新论坛ew days to send the 2nd order originally, but a moment ago saw netizen narrate do not have actual content, because have,beTransfer period, ah, be conte composition. If you feel pretty good,below is the 2nd chapter, mustGreat support is thank ~ ! Style of writing is more relaxed, can look when the mood is badSong hall singsCome to a company in an instant already 3 days. ” sing go? ” the sound that is that tenderness, girl confuses the eye that the the dead does not commit a crime to staring at me with that pairAsk about. Hear her that word when, my thinking ability was promoted the utmost, perhaps said to had been broken through formerThe limit that come. Then I begin to search all information data of myself control, with me before experience form fastFast undertake careful meaning is calculated, but I am unavailable certain result. At least gets after course computationA such certain information: This beautiful girl does not have ill feeling of be disgusted with absolutely to me. ” good ah “I should clarify a fact above all, namely so far, I do not have generation of this girl before cross-eye to allowWhy the affection of love, I also do not have any assuming absolutely want (the meaning that this locality KTV is gifted lets very easilyPerson generation associates) . I know my condition, I all the time since it is unmusical, people sings is to want mo最新阿拉上海后花园MHney, I sing is awful then! But the invitation that I do not know how to should re爱上海贵族宝贝自荐shlf1314EFject a such beautiful girls to put forward. I am very clear know, I created precondition to my mistake, because become time, character, environmentBelow the circumstance of very appropriate appropriate, of the man abstain ability to be able to drop quickly for 0. ” sing. “” do not sing. “” do not sing? “” do not sing! “” why? “” I won’t! “” won’t will you what song sing? “” you call me to come! “” that… I teach you. “Want to sing really actually, of I or meeting. Because sound is not very beautiful,be only, sing can run run moveOf what. Since cannot escape, I am then direct with respect to go ahead regardless, cannot always let girl teach me really? Then, I nodded a song that I am familiar with most most most, of Tai Zhengxiao ” the heart should let you hear ” . ” the heart should let you hear, love should let you see… ” a cease, girl unexpectedly what I sing boast is good! IKnow she is not to give me outer part, what think I am sung really however is good, I also know, it is hair of my throughout history thisBrandish most exceed constant! I上海龙凤自荐区n the time that 上海贵族宝贝龙凤论坛girl is in, I always can surpass the limit. I always can surpass the limit.. This card is final by Wcd0094 at 2012-7-23 14:17 editors7 editors