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all15My Cs course              My c s course2 years 5 gra上海各区工作室外卖海选de begin elementary school play CS, to now big 3 still now and then play. Once within an inch of aban上海贵族宝贝论坛RFdons school work make a profession, CS represents me the days of whole teenager. As a child moment begins, Be in very long I play two game CS and mi最新阿拉上海后花园ne sweeping only inside very long period of time (because did not play other game for nothing at allCan play little game only) do not have experienced gun of sunset night ground. In a server, play battle royal by day now and then become a gun dozen dozen thanContest. In the evening inside the server nobody I put empty gun to the wall with respect to oneself, to be familiar with every gun ballistic. For experienced AWP, I hit 30 BOT with respect to a person, move them into completely can use a knife only, begin nextTime, hit 2 hours so everyday (quite as dry as a chip) after the level goes up, also be in the server little famous energy of life, alsoOrganic meeting goes the little game that the Internet bar plays a line fall. A lot of brother is known over, it is hot-blooded youth,上海各区工作室外卖海选MH had dozen of occupational idea. Have a dream for the first timethe feeling fastens Titus excitement, practice all night, was washed out two years in the group contest of CIG continuously regrettablly. Plus my study achievement still calculates really pretty good, gave up make professional year. But a few brothers continue to struggle for their dream. Do not have connection 67 y贵族宝贝 上海论坛DFears, do not know the

y passhow. Still knew a MM in game for the first time (the captain level of a team is very arrogant force) compare neverthelessI am big 6 years old, those who grow is very comely, also had for the first time dark the sense that love (like her full 3 years) estimate regrettabllyShe becomes me is small wind child. Later when as the concussion of WAR3 and WOW still all sorts of other nets swim. CS chases fadeout to fall, in those days the server is early with respect to be dead, gao Sangao 4 when do not have more played for nothing, add cogged come moreLose interest to CS gradually more more…Flash went to had never thought with respect to 11 years why CS can let me be obsessed with even if like simply soIt is like liking that girl after that so old I also am done not have again so intense go liking a sportWith a person (had not talked about love) . Thinking CS also is a game only later is we placed too much youth and story only above also very celebrateFavour did not hit a profession not to know now is what appearance otherwise in those days. Like a word very much you can fling caution to the winds for the dream the ground goes going all out in work but green once. Like a word very much you can fling caution to the winds for the dream the ground goes going all out in work but green once.. This card is final by 8 spirit at 2012-7-29 01:34 editors4 editors