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all17Polar confronting society weighs harmonious society hard           Polar confronting society weighs harmonious society hardThe situation is auspicious, will of people is old bad. Influential officials person imperious and despotic, careless root person by every means evil do, this is instantly company it seems thatPair of pigheaded situations of the meeting. Sociologist Sun Liping is in charge of this to cry ” social be defeated ” . Social be defeated can be the surface brightHowever the heart is cankered. ” 100 thousand the following car cannot be on Beijing license plate, nonlocal low income, low quality and low record of formal schooling groupBody amo上海龙凤419论坛unt cannot increase again. ” damage of brain of

the person that you can scold character, but the inmost wor上海花千坊爱上海EFd of the person that he speaks vested interest however. A secretary of county Party committee cries greatly at building Rong to the scholar: ” development is about forced releasing, what do you eat otherwise? “Arrive from 1993 2006, group sex incident from 8, 709 rise to 90, 00, carry tall hair state in recent years. Group of Sun Liping task says Tsinghua university sociology, at p最新阿拉上海后花园MHresent the government is to spend money to buy stability, the people makes have a bowel movement greatly definitely, Small be troubled by Xiaojie definitely, do not be troubled by do not solve, the people on newspaper looks be used to jump the building denounces firewood, hold a knife to denounce firewood, gather a crowd kneel down type” make trouble ” , anti-corruption relies on a second wife clutch of thieve of rebellious, thief, in-house each other. This is not ” dimension is certain ” longplan. And new thinking is: The interest conveys a system to change, achieve lasting stability and durable peace, namely everybody has talking medium of communication. The way that Chinese type settles makes event namely big. Fight do not tear open achievement to appeal for help, do not appeal夜上海最新论坛DF for help to be burned oneself. Raise priceWon’t do to be applied pressure, apply do not press achievement to make oily uncultivated land. No matter nail door is medium still petrifaction, chose ” do the busi上海千花网轮胎nessBig ” . The platform of a fairness, open, just argy-bargy, still far from the Chinese. The economist cogongrass of 80 advanced age is written at Shi civil say, chinese half much population still is in Culture Revolution condition. WeUnderstand the pessimism of old gentleman, because be in actual society,you can see the ploy of type of too much Culture Revolution. Harmonious society, but small talk? but small talk?? This card is final You Guzhou 2 Xie Yu 2012-10-10 15:54 editors4 editors