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all16Management love               Management loveSee a pair the other day very the newly-married husband and wife of conjugal love, because of a bagatelle, mutual with respect to the instant from close lovePerson change became person of a few family feud, it is to not have very language, can’t help remembering the thing of my friend, cannot help taking the first stroke of a Chinese character, Wrote down this to experience. I have a very special friend, he is born in book popular stock, it is a neat and a bit little romance as a childperson. Great period met the girl of a small and exquisite, to her attentive and attentive. After the university graduates, He entered newspaper office job, they entered marital hall in everybody is envied and blessing sound. The life after marriage, Be full of appeal. His young wife, it is a person that can act like a spoiled child very much, the job is in nursery school, the person also resembles a child oneAppearance, be full of illusion and the terrible energy that do not stop person do sth over and over again quite everyday. She decorate so that be just like in the homeFairy tale world is same, and that my friend, also be dressed up the prince in world of elephantine fairy tale is euqally all the day by her, When we meet every time, can ask her for fun: ” today is which princess is driven! ” at this moment alwaysCan hear her happy laughter. The friend often can be being done aside at this moment a funny face, the appearance that appears very helpless, Look nevertheless reach the happiness that is permeated with in his eye. Often hear them to go out the message of travel, receive the telephone call that the friend makes from the other place sometimes, did not listen a fewSentence, can pass inside, the sound that the girl urges intentionally, I know they are showing off to friends fromAlready happy, also meet then very cooperate ground caustic he does not have prospect, at this moment the friend can pretend to be hyperbole ground to say: ” I am byThose who force! ” anguish was full of in sound, but I can imagine g上海龙凤交流et a telephone call that brilliant smile there. All change is the father in the friend after dying. The friend’s father is place is made of small famous voiceThe home, when going very unruffled, the friend dies in his father later cry bitterly becomes very silent after field. A few to haveSecond, I reach his home, look at a friend silent without the condition of language, felt the bitterness of his heart clearly. HisYoung wife, this paragraph of time is accompanied silently beside in him, but look reach she loses his head to this, want to g魔都新茶论坛ERoComfort him, but do not know how to be solved again. I am very afraid to the condition between them, to friend comfort a few, but the friend is very silent still, IHopeful he himself can walk out of the sort of condition as soon as possible. Before long, the maternal be laid up that hears of a friend, or very foldThe chronic of grizzle, all energy put the friend on maternal body, the flower became smooth the saving in the home, still owedBrushstroke debt, friends are in endeavor to help him, but what can help 一品楼浙江信息is really very few. A day, the friend will look for me, we find a small public house that we often go to, come down, the friend was drunkA few cups of wine, it is goblet reno上海千花兼职HGvate next on the desk, say to me: ” flying elder brother, since today I drank no longer. “I know he is sure still have article, doing not have sound, continue him pour became full a cup of wine, carry mouth edge, but friendIf friend says next, let me spill this cup of wine on the body completely, give my shake regret at that time, still remember nowVery clear. Slowly narrate wears the friend’s grave sound, seem the thing in state other people, I very marvel his calm. ” my mother gets a severe disease last be in hospital, small Jing is accompanied a few days in the hospital continuously protect, when answering nursery school to go to work, Because of too too tire爱上海千花网论坛d out, a bit error gave when taking care of dot. A girl is become in her class when, Fall carelessly, cut is not big, but the granddaughter that those who get hurt is the old person that there is bit of background in a home, find thenNursery school, want nursery school to be in charge of. Grew to approve small Jing firm field, small Jing demur does not say, pay requirement compensateMoney, give garden is long, abdication did not work. Just know later, that old person and my father have bit of old grudge before, notKnowing is make use of a subject to elaborate one’s own ideas this. After small Jing resigns, the old partner of that old person came, remanded money, Say this business old person does not know, already said the thing that does not involve small Jing to nursery school. Before long nursery school bearer cries smallJing goes going to work, dan Xiaojing does not go stoutly, the terminal market of a costume in city makes garment trade now, alreadyTwo many months, I also want abdication to help her, she does not agree stoutly. I help only with off hours, thisA few months come down, small Jing is much thinner, blame me, ” here, the friend’s sound changes a bit, carry hand endRemove the goblet before, want to a moment ago had said the word of abstinence, have some of hesitation again, my end has wine pot, to him pour says completely: ” I accompany you to do last cups, we see her together ” . Friend quaff, carry the hand sees a table, stillComfort wears respecting: ” now just in the evening at 10 o’clock, small Jing everyday before dawn was controlled at 4 o’clock should go waiting for van, from jobber thatThe goods of will new fund carries in come back, still resting now, she also can sleep one day only 4, 5 hours, I am whiteThe day is too busy, accompany her only in the evening, I want to help her every day really. ” a groan in my heart, look at a friendFace, say: ” you still should help her as far as possible, did not make her tired break down, otherwise, in case have an accident, you regretHave not enough time. ” friend emphatically nods. Arrived before dawn was controlled at 4 o’clock, I and friend hurried to terminal market, small Jing arrived early, she is wearing a suit verySimple dress, very neat very spell able also, see we arrived, she flies to same ground to run, hit with meAccost, pulling a friend to order money. I look at her back aloof, dare not believe really, she was once upon a timeThat resembles the little girl like small princess all the day, did not think of such girl, there still is such firm sacrificing oneself for a just cause in disposition, Courageous and resolute with adamancy, seemed to pass a little while, a laugh rises in the noise side my ear, the occurrence that the girl shows pleasant smilesBefore me, shake at the moment in me shook finger: ” flying elder brother, what to send to stay, began where to visit mentally again ” . Laugh is still have appeal so, I can’t help glazy, the form of two small Jing is before gradually coincide. In a few years, hear rain of their storm of a lot of wind of two people constantly, feel for them those who rejoice is nevertheless, notThe canal falls in what circumstance, they did not escape, be in give aid to each other all the way, although walk along a lot of hardships all the way, But they trust each other, mutual beat is strong, be in all the time sturdy before row. Like rainbow seeing necessarily after be just like dawn, the friend is mixed by his literary talent now firm Ren, in the newspaper office already smallSuccessful. Their dress business also makes more suitable more, had had belong to from already appearance. The year before last year, left one” face-to-face ” Chinese style cafeteria, seem old day to want to compensate them like, this restaurant business is exceptionallyGood, their day also more and more come smooth. They opened to also cry again this year ” face Mian ” coffee hall (Mian is not this word, it is traditional area, Dozen do not come out, excuse) , I guess the 2nd Mian is the friend’s originality. When coffee hall opens business, veryMuch friend went, two people place the bud kind that ever allowed detest of numerous classmate friend formerly again, in our eyeBefore beautiful conjugal love, everybody is very helpless to this. Whole environment presses Ou Shi’s style to design, very decorous, very comfortable also, if if really you are attentive if look, stillCan see a lot of fairy tale like decorate, although not be whole illuminative mainstream, but see those who be like optional ornament amidThese traces, reflected master intention however, make whole coffee hall more sweet also. After ceremony of cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony begins, everybody jeers let their husband and wife give authority again beautiful a happiness, say to the other side fromThe word of oneself that wants to say most, just began the component Xi that they also are taking fun to be troubled by, each other are saying to atttack the word of the other side. Later, gradually friend saw the eye of small Jing change, small today Jing is very beautiful, not only it is to wearing foreign flavour, stillHave whole temperament, high and attractive, the friend conceives wife invade gently in, become enamoured ground is kissing her, look atThe appearance of their act as if there is no one else present, everybody did not laugh at them, had turned very tacitly to discuss other topic personally. I look at them to twinkle in the form in warm light shadow, lift a bosom silently, bless them, I know them thisGoing all the way is how not easy, I am touched for their firm He Zhongcheng. More or less there is some of fairy tale plot when everybody is youthful, but the life is not fairy tale, we do not live all the dayIn fairy tale world of Xu Miao. After having sth used to one’s own advantage when us only, the releasing with measurable in the life ability in the heartfairy tale complex, because enjoy fairy tale,have cost and cost. Happiness is everybody lifelong pursuant objective, everybody is different to happy understanding, happy resultDifferent also, but the process that fashions happiness is same however, getting happy way also is same. Happiness isWant to know those who go managing, want to be about happily to identify serious ground to pay, such happiness is the most reliable, such happinessThe best, such happiness is the most altruistic, such happiness is the most ages ago! Let us be known pay, learn to manage oneself happiness! Management love, ability

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