Think fondly 上海千花网后花园of ” pass closely “

all6Think fondly of ” pass closely “  Think fondly of ” pass closely “” pass closely ” some company develops Korea th魔都新茶论坛ERis game, the picture is more elegant, english name ” r of t a na ” without demon animal world this game has so giant inside information with culture, but it has very much however can enjoy a sex, veryBe able to bear or endure play. By Chengdu joy the number acts as agent her, return special flourishing at first, downfallen however later. This game is with Indian religion setting, after entering game full after 30 class, can choose him beliefOne of 3 gods, after choosing 3 different spirits, can increase an armband, 3 magical armband are different, The choice is same and devotional (god) person, can attend same an alliance (underworld society) . Same can have below the god a lot ofalliance. Specific humidity slave, because armband is gules, everybody abbreviation ” red ” god, buddhist day, armband is yellow, Abbreviation ” yellow ” god, wet mother-in-law, armband is blue, abbreviation ” blue ” god. Game offerred a full natureAthletics platform, cry in game advocate divine battlefield. For the person to liking PK more very much, this advocate divine battlefield isThe place with this the most absorbing game, the ginseng of 3 gods enters cockpit, can fight freely, OK also side-by-side groupThe team fights, basically kill the person of other expression namely, experience homicide fun. A lot of office worker are to hang machine practice by dayClass, in the evenin上海千花 女生自荐g advocate the charge on the god, eliminate the enemy to become the hero in game. Every time fight the enemy (the person of different spirit) haveAdvocate divine feature award, be killed by others also can buckle advocate divine feature, advocate divine point is higher, a certain deiform order and degree is higher, youKill a grade to jump over tall person, take advocate divine feature is more also, achieve corresponding grade to still have advocate bit more magical award. That is advocate divine skill. Want in those days computer configuration rots again, hundreds of, thousands of person is mixed on a battlefield kill, Often computer blocks screen. , this game attracts me exceedingly at that time, although there is world of animal of such as demon later these essenceBeautiful game, also did not attract me to play. Advocate divine battlefield is most the place that attracts me, OK and free wrestle is killed, when the game in game. Fight be defeated winBasically get grade on any account (because have grade suppress) , equipment stand or fall, matter with the operation. UsuallyIt is the word of old player, the operation is similar, mix grade discretion, equipment stand or fall, personnel how many, with the duty of the other sideCourse of study is relative also, in game, protect a law to rush commonly when ” tank ” part, boxer acts as ” wet nurse ” part, Assassin rushs to be arranged when killer part suitable erupt force is powerful, rabbi is strong also when hatchet man part, special and protect composition of law, wet nurseAfter the team that protect a law, fight capability is particularly strong, suit group of battle. Bend hand lasts fighting capacity is stronger, agile, dozen do not winCan run, also be very strong hatchet man. What I play weller is bend hand, after special equipment goes up, that is a bright. Also闵行蝴蝶验证归来 tookThe name that draws wind cries ” ※ the world is demon ※ ” if everybody also is爱上海龙凤419论坛ER in other sport,encounter this name, that also butCan be me. The awaits banish land group group when remembering that burns an ox, run flower, kill a fox. Left special happiness to mememory. That moment is appropriative ” cowboy ” pull strange, bring strange, group group experienced class, it is exceedingly interesting really. Play gameThat meeting, school net fast bad, computer rots again often dead machine drops a line. This game is very good, had stopped regrettabllyCarried, be in only now illicit take in experienc

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