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all7To love is being waited for in light of his change this returns a responsibility (3)         To love is being waited for in light of his change this returns a responsibility (3)A few dozens 上海外菜会所of soy are in front, begin to interpret the sentiment that interprets me now history! Actually I also had not talked a few timesLove! But I feel I dare not love before so apparently. First 3 when still do not have a heart to do not have lung, knotWhen be being taken an examination of in fruit take an examination of Chinese in the morning, study maths afternoon, choose time then midday I and a brother also go Internet barMade two hours ” delta ” , also be me the following achievement is sodden laid solid foundation. Result thatTake an examination of in took an examination of 270 minutes, did not want to read originally, the master has searched, preparation goes to Shanghai learning craft, when chef. As a result I tentatively greatly run will to pa Mom do thought work in the home, a of l of a of b of a of b a l … very long. NextRefute feebly in me in, my answer was read. This year, a schoolgirl liked to go up I, one in lifeSecond somebody chases after me aboveboard. But how is this kind of feeling very painful? That girl estimates what be harmed by meNot shallow. The thing is such, I was entered first 3 join a class in the middle of the course answer read, answer read! The course of 3 is opposite first for me small KS! What the teacher has told is very simple, besides English I rot so北京爱约派论坛 that do not have a bottom accident, other do easily calm, contentManage still was taken an examination of stand side by side on the class the first. Gradually gradually, a schoolgirl often comes cover here close to, attend class oftenToward me here looks, I am laic, introversion frowsty coquettish is adscititious for南京千花网论坛eign trade association, bad smelly habit my Dou Zhanquan, Notice to be less than her existence of course so. Remember a certain occasion, the teacher moves my position to each child veryShould be the same as on the side of high woman student desk. Stature is taller than me so, appearance appearance still calculates be able to pass, of that timeNot very of young woman student can dress up! Put dress up now, stature is adjacent 170, paper of beautiful younger sister! SitOne rose to be unavoidable to have occasionally dozen fight noisely be troubled by, like me paper of that younger sister is not willing, look to go up in the gas in the eye mind, But have dare not break out, toot mouth is angry. Time became long I am aware of somewhat, the sense is very peculiar, begin to have next” guard against ” , fight noisely to be nodded less also with tall man schoolgirl, lest affected others! Did not pass how long, thatYounger sister paper is to be unable to bear strength really, looked for a schoolboy on our class to give love letter to me unexpectedly, I am brushed! IThe where that does not have a heart to do not have lung accepts a such love enunciative ah! The sort of excitement very the mood of lose interweaves in oneSince, the five flavors is miscellaneous old, hard be pacified. Believe me to be closed, I do not like younger sister paper really, but of that timeFeeling of younger sister paper still very pure! I also am a softhearted goods, bad to refuse directly, because still have 2 monthsIn wanting, took an examination of, be afraid of by accident her future, can protracted tactics. Younger sister paper saw I did not refuse in the evening that day, finish eveningThe with respect to bump of fart bump fart followed at the back of my buttock to look for love feeling after studying by oneself in scheduled time. How to do? Bad to refuse, Be afraid of went up the heart of younger sister paper, I also am accepted younger sister paper, say with her next, you want to be reviewed well, etc take an examination of trywe again well love! On this world, the force of love is terrible, hit me to say that one word oneselfAfterwards, younger sister paper by at the outset the reciprocal on the class is ten abruptly inside a month rise to the plus on the class ten, And still review in gnash one’s teeth, I very feeling, very complex also, because do not know to she refuses how after be being taken an examination of, be softhearted! In that last month, classes are over on the way home, younger sister paper still of bump of fart bump fart follow at the back of me, Next of affectionate fund fund say to me: ” elder brother! My pa lets me learn to read, but I do not want to go. “The sound outside the word is I should be together with you, be in a school. I that mood is complex! Old Tian Ji is strangeAh, why be opposite to the person that does not love oneself so pure deep love I am so apathetic, evenA few fear. I feel everything later everything is me treat others so and enrol the Nemesis that suffer. I thinkwant, no more than is to want to raise her, tell to her: ” your father is good for you! I feel you still should go cityThe key middle school in reads, it is meddlesome to you. ” younger sister paper 10 million not willing: ” but I want to mix you are one caseGo to school, be together with you. ” I say: ” actually you read, also can come back to see me on the weekend! ListenWord, this paragraph of time is reviewed well finally. ” innocent younger sister paper! Reviewing with respect to what do not have sunset night so, again hindIn study the stress in the city, learned to 新上海后花园differ so 10 will divide, to her had been super surmounted greatly, Seek the result

of the duck, carry the power of love, of effort struggle, achieve present result, I still am her tallPromote. Her pa is a labor contractor, be in in the home that time is frivolous hundred thousands of sure. His pa hands in money to fill laterWent up that 10 will divide, let her read. The stone in my heart also is be born. Go summer vacation, younger sisterPaper often looks for I and my friends to play, that time likes to play PS1 what is actually happening 3. She runs to mix we are one caseSlow-witted, although do not understand, follow I am slow-witted her Dou Shu to take anyway. I上海本地龙凤自荐女AD am answering, do not reject her anyway, let her soRelatively happy spent a summer vacation. New term began, younger sister paper very hate to part with, also very attaching, still taking a few minutes sad went the key in the city. I a longing that does not have a heart to do not have lung of move new term begin, looking forward to the new fellow student on the class, a lot of a lot of new femaleClassmate, continue to cover tightly next coquettish is worn, dark loving. Dark loving.. This card is final You Guzhou 2 Xie Yu 2012-12-16 22:29 editors9 editors