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all16Be like Shen Ke save atone for  "Be like Shen Ke save atone for ” the feeling after viewHaving a kind of bird also do not close forever, the free brightness that is stained with because of every his assistant. — prefaceThe jail is a place that our Everyman knows rarely, it seems that it and we division of division of this the dazzling human world with its myriad temptations notInto. Tell the truth, before seeing this movie, I do not know what the jail is representing, just look on TVTo the about the jail thing that spends a very small amount, the rest understanding just also checks a gotten name on the dictionaryStopp上海龙凤交流FEed. Andy, the hero of this film, actually he did not commit a crime, but of a strange combination of circumstances still is by coopJail, this closes even if two years ah, the most precious years in lifetime so disappear in what fill night to be likeShen Ke jail. What he loses is a wife not just, the job, it is freedom and the dignity that be an upright person more. Ke Andi is done not haveHave admit defeat, consider a jail again dark, also cannot mask the sort of free brightness on An Diyu ala. Although he is to makePerson, but became a jail however in the center jail alarm economy is advisory, they connect the greatly small bagatelle in the home to come evenSalaam enlighten. The library also is Andy’s contribution, he built a ladder that leads to progress for the person in the jail, The spirit that is them shorts no longer. Meanwhile, the another hero luck favour that this making also came on stage. As Andy’s good friend, of lucky favour makeWith nature very big. A lot of meaningful words borrow speak out by his mouth, of course, that crane mouth of AndyAlso be his contribution v hoe. Should say, the before half part of the film is easier still, although be in the jail, al夜上海最新论坛HGso have a friend be

tween thatKind friendship. The picture that has an appearance among them left very deep impression to me. That is a dusk, lightsunshine is aspersed on housetop, andy and his friends so languid is lying lazily, there is Andy to use inside the hand wisdomHui Yuyong enrages the beer that changes, catch readily. So old those who come manacle released completely momently in thatCome, freedom is OK also before so quiet have. When the film has an in part, most the circumstances of shock popular feeling appeared. Thinking allusion case is long originally is to should giveAndy reverses a verdict, but its development however greatly beyond my expect. But allusion case is long not only not so do, inst上海龙凤阁HGeadBeat dead Shang Mi, and there is上海千花网坊LK a smile on the face. Tell the truth, beat dead those a few report of a gun of Shang Mi, than withShould vibrate toward what allow when to be awaited my heart, await in those days, a kind deep helpless the heart that filled me, whatBe called darkness, what is called meanness! The figure with allusion long case, also answer this and the degree that defamed extremely. Even if there is Bible all the time inside his hand, calculate his face to go up to bringing a smile all the time, also cannot mask he is thatFilthy the heart with blackness. Time always c夜上海论坛FTan be wiped make the same score everything, but people also can learn something because of this. Of Shang Mi dead, aroused howEnlighten vengeance desire. Eventually, in a wet and windy night, andy obtained renascence, that all the way difficultNeed not say oneself, but appearing however is in that way worth while. Before a few fragmentary clew about story clue, in this oneQuarter gather together together, my this ability discovers, everybody was cheated by Andy, so this is from 20 years beforeBegan plan, and from only then come to have Andy only eventually a person knows. When seeing here, I can’t help admiring secretlyThe story that has a writer organizes ability. The clue later forward the way that I anticipate developed, ” sacred penaltyCan arrive eventually ” , this is right probably allusion jail grew best appearance. The film is not long, look very quickly, but the reflection in the heart has not stopped however. True, I think this abilityBe the exactest definition to this work. It tears off the darkest one side among human nature completely come to the personLook, without the cloak of a bit, all sorts of desires of the person also come on stage inside in succession. And as dirty as these thing formThose who become bright contrast is Andy the longing that pair of freedom that give out come loose on the body is opposite at mixing prospective hope, these two kinds of characterAffected me, allow when to be awaited, it is by coop jail, we still cannot abandon the hope to future. Can have probably in the future so a day, also be a dusk, I am holding one canister beer, lie in the couch of the parkOn. In those days, I can remember this book, can remember Andy, can recall that free wing, and to the lifeWith future, also meet more sturdy. Adscript: Be my earlier article probably, remember still be in some has had on this magazine publish. Howsay, recommend everybody to look to the utmost, IMDB is ranked the first do not do not have a truth. IMDB is ranked the first do not do not have a truth.. This card is final by classification queues up at 2011-8-9 00:03 editors3 editors