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all10[Taiwan travel notes]Before paragraph time has good fortune went treasure island Taiwan, although slow-witted time is not very long, also can stay a fewImpression, taking the advantage of still have memory, draw up the friend that will was not had been to sees understanding. The middle ten days of a month will set out from Ning Bo in November, the weather of Zhejiang has had a place cold, it is the appearance of 10 degrees of fluctuation probably. The air temperature of Taiwan understood with ink marks weather before going, be close to higher than Zhejiang have 10 degrees, all dressesShort sleeve and long sleeve were taken on in order to have untimely needs, disc

overy must be taken as expected from the back, be sure heat dies in that otherwise. Reach vegetable garden airport when, already in the evening at 9 o’clock, issued a plane to trade good s苏州4197龙凤论坛NHtage money (can change in the mainland, Also can arrive to be changed again directly, exchange rate is 1 probably: 4. 6) got on the bus car of Taiwan travel agent, like thatMix after the local tourist guide that is in charge of recieving us met, this is a very enthusiastic boy, probably also with respect to 20Appearance of many years old, the tourist guide that compares country is enthusiastic then much, zun Yigou dates right a dating atmosphere veryFast was driven by him. Went next the hotel rests, the public house that enters is not very big, but be designed more sweetly, the blame on sanitationConstant outstanding, believe Taiwan brethren the professional morality of this respect should be the good place that compares the mainland. The roommate is in the mainlandMoment is by motorcycle, and the autocycle of Taiwan is many what comparative, he is looking at the horse below all the time in the windowRoad, passed a long time to say sentence: “The autocycle of the mainland, what you want to look for an armet that wear a head is very difficult; Here is to want to searchOne is not worn, cannot find at all however. “Next he exclaim the motor of the autocycle of one nonofficeholding bay is very fierce, Noise wants a few smaller, the word of tail gas is done not have almost, listen to what the tourist guide says this motor motor compares common to be close friends later oneSome, basically pollute to the environment very small. Next the commendation that I still listen to a tourist guide, tasted the bright grandma of Taiwan, it is of course want cold storage the sort of. Compared withThe light of the mainland, want a few thicker. But than Australian some weaker still, quality is overall for calculate pretty good. 50Price of 0 m l is 39 NTD, it is 8 yuan of many dot RMBs probably. See the TV program of guesthouse in the evening, Mix actually of the mainland how much to also differ, shopping program is a lot of samer, it is put together art kind more than the mainland many, The person here likes to see this quite. Spent one night, the following day because be on the weekend, so the tourist guide took us first went wild willow, it is actually in the seaBy the side of! I grow originally in the seaside, run the sea is to not have really then in light of Taiwan language. The sea here is very blue really nevertheless, the homeBecause the sea over there countryside is close to the Yellow River to enter big talk, seawater looks a little cloudy, and here is a dark blue. Ramble casually, went seeing next local speciality markets, truth says inside without what special also, a few seasIngredient is not new, but still calculate compared with the mainland have a bit distinguishing feature, because of the mainland anyplace special local product is M mostlyWENZHOU of   of ADE   IN, and here is not at long last. Be turn for when having a meal midday, some are unaccustomed on taste, because be in the home to eat aller commonly, stageThe taste of the bay is exquisite preserve one’s health however, little salt puts gourmet powder scarcely, to us so this approves a person and character, this dish isEntered throat pleasant impression does not leave in the mouth, then Bei was urged. 6 the world come, it is to see salty duck’s egg can weep really. . . Went afternoon country father memorial hall, to what thing is being done not have namely us, a Sun Zhongshan resembles very bully gas ground sitsOver, next we look, it is ceremony arms has sex to still calculate meaning having a place, it is honest too make bit more beautiful. ThisThe tourist guide inserted a conte in, originally the other side of hillock of ceremony army service station, take without segregation, we go whenAwait have not merely and still person specially assigned for a task maintains order. It is tourist of a mainland’s derivative massacre allegedly, the thing is thisOf appearance. When ceremony soldiers is standing guard then, it is motionless, so somebody thinks this is dummy, and firmHave the eldest brother of a mainland very much, go feeling the hand of ceremony arms on very curious ground, rave next: “Hot, it is truePerson! “But how he uses ceremony army, the other side does not pay attention to him, then he did mainland brother to love the thing that do very much. . . He walked along the back of ceremony arms, add up to two finger, the chrysanthemum that aims ceremony arms is one disclose. . . But magicalCeremony troops still is not in charge of him, no matter how he explodes,bearing silently. That eldest brother is messy, he does not believe namelyThis ceremony arms is returned how to be moved really, then he seizes admire gun of Na Libing, the gun is the 2nd life of the soldier, This ceremony arms was moved eventually, and aim pikestaff namely easily his head is bungled namely, pitiful eldest brother shouldSound and fall. . . Last eldest brother was caught, when investigating duty, he says how I know that he cannot explode his chrysanthemum ah, The tourist guide had not said again. Then eldest brother does not have a thing to be released, continue to play, and that lamentable tourist guide was cancelled endowmentCase. Person specially assigned for a task was established to manage later, also won’t appear again Bei urges explode chrysanthemum incident. Carry incidentally, because Taiwan is devotional free, that catchword true X bears some teachs develop very well in Taiwan, Allegedly the business is done so that have money very much greatly very much. Employed a person to be set in roadside so full all sorts of stall, see mainland villagerWill send the handbill on, that thing looks in Taiwan do not have a thing, but ten million cannot bring back, the word that is discovered by custom butBig question. Next we went to Taipei 101 edifice, this ability let me know Taiwan house general very short, because of,not beFor geological relation, xiang Guilin’s building is very low also, because foundation is hit,that is not deep, and because,Taiwan is not howeverThese reasons, because the policy previously is brought about,be completely it is very difficult to want to let the people promise to tear open change nowadays, unless the groundProduce business to be able to make huge interest concession, this kind of possibility is very little. Because of the land unlike mainland of Taiwan, citizenHave permanent property, be indifferent to forced releasing and so on so, say two parties have competition again, who dare displease common people? Competition still is a good thing really. 101 in Dibaina before indicating the building is built, it is the world’s top structure, have many meters 500Tall, besides 1 – 5 are bazaar, the office building of the company is above. And the bazaar of 101 also is famousSell golden hole, altogether cent is 5, the thing that exceeds a high level is more high-grade, most top layer with respect to 5 brands, it is LVThe thing of that class. It is the 4th brand that also is Italy mostly, say according to the tourist guide nevertheless 101 still not beThe market with the most precious Taiwan, still have the storefront that a name is Italian article, the watch inside is the cheapest is 5W opens file, good we had listened is. Resemble us such, can be in only – 1 layer is consumed, can’t help letting a person think of depressedly, this is not to be inHint we are person servents? But – the thing of 1 layer is not cheap also, want like a watch 339, Of the woman 101 still not be average person really can susceptive consumes a place. The word says y of s o n and e of l of a p p onlySell inn to be in this, so they are the thing of this kind of class, hum psychology balanced a dot. Rain is big when coming out rise, close because of the space on long-distance car, the driver must open cold air conditioning suddenly, Those who carry the line of vision is normal, this falls to freeze us so that want dead. Put forward when us or opened central heating to get, but tourist guide surpriseDifferent ground says to us: “Feel embarrassed, taiwan where has central heating, it is the coldest winter, namely 7° controls lowest, so Taiwan does not have central heating on an any cars, because be not used,arrive. “IThinking also is, such weather central heating returns good of true it doesn’t matter, then our Bei urges the ground to be frozen to get a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument in the carA twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument quivers, good went to Taichun not easily, run rapidly get off. Spent one night again in the hotel. Rise the following day, wind He Rili, mixing is not an appearance completely before today. And air temperature also rises to 26 – 28 the left and right sides, with that circumstance contrast rose yesterday, it is glacial fire really double day. The target after setting out is dayLunar pool, after circling hill road to reach a goal eventually, the first by clear be attracted to the Tan Shui that sees an end almost, guideSwim saying is here besides clansman of Shao of the Gaoshan nationality living in Taiwan province, anybody must not swim and fish, and Tan Shui still is usedWaterpower, because be flowing water,do not have pollution again so, nature is not general clear. Went up yacht, the introduction of local is listening on surface, look at the tryst place before Jiang old, alsoHave interest one time. This place sincerity calls hill Qing Shuixiu, it is good that airy quality calls then, the city that my body is inThis very pretty good, weather forecast has 300 one year many days is actor, air quality does not keep an index. And the place that I work is one of bad situation’s best in the city places, but compared with life pool, I or mustThe air that admits here is more arrogant force, than me that still has gotten on two class, because feel apparently a lot of. CorruptCatch this thing, must compare namely, will come to such place more, the bad situation that ability knows to he lives is destroyedhow lamentable. Tasted next fokelore again in life pool Sino-Japanese sell 8000, the egg of A tea of on the festival 10 thousand, guide go canvassing isAdd Xianggu mushroom with high mountain black tea, match what glossy ganoderma pink makes to go up again, I true do not know, but flavour orPretty good, it is a bit saltier. God-given I still have in Taiwan say salty thing, ha. Life pool bad situation is so outstanding, the fruit nature here is very delicate also. I tasted lotus mist, watermelon and phoenixPear, the fruit of Taiwan reforms through breed, the fruit that compares common is sweet go up a lot of, water portion is very fierce also. For instanceThe pineapple here, need expurgation only actually thin a thin skin, do not have even thorn, OK and direct edible. Taste is sweet, water share is full, what compare even fuse the mainland is small go up a lot of. The price of pineapple is 1 100 NTD, Probably 22 yuan, still be worth very much often. As to Shi Jia ah, lotus mist, tell the truth eat not quite be used to, insteadFeeling too delicious. Still have a bit, if the fruit of the mainland eats when the meal, can reduce weight. And of Taiwan be no good absolutely, every kinds of waterIt is freeboard caloric if really, if a large number of eating, waiting fat die! What ate a meal to be in Taichun together again then is medium stage buddhist temple, the cloister of here and mainland has very big distinction, My work in the same placing says for contemporary cloister. There is a burning incense inside, resemble a museum however general, figure of Buddha is carvedQuite elegant, 18 arhat 4 days of big king, buddha and even close fair have everything that one expects to find. But oneself are godless Buddha, atIt is transient. Went to Kaohsiung in the evening, went 6 add up to night fair. Here oneself is more disappointed, because feel fine long hair of this night fairWithout characteristic, cate of so called Taiwan, did not feel delicious sincerely. The gallinaceous end that the tourist guide recommends, papaya milkOf what, do not have particularly delicious, should say corporeal level is good now, don’t these thing where eat? OnlyIt is good to want material, where can flavour differ again? The night fair of Taiwan is the thing that deepfry and decoct make is in the majority mostly, Attract my thing really without what so. Although Taiwan is in seaside, the seafood here however not up to much, youOf piscine and so on not be very fresh, and strong-smelling preserved bean curd ah of what compared with Zhejiang also have difference, the taxi goes after a few daysCity 上海4197龙凤EFthing compares Lin Ye 6 the much point that close, also can do not have particularly good place, carry son face for instance, person forest is clearSoup lanes and alleys nods noodle, leaf of a few dish, add a round mass of food with most Taiwan and half bittern egg. Still change as the mainland reallyThe rash flesh face of fine mixes a product to come deliciously with what carry son face. Nevertheless Taiwan has a characteristic pretty good, execute mostly not diatomic. No matter be in,not diatomic premise is youWhere to shop, the value is basic it is same. If where price is nodded high, the stage of super the Eight DiagramsBay people can explode above all makings kill him. Inland explodes makings popularity uses small gain, the word of Taiwan need not this, because of the stageSmartphone popularity rate achieved the bay almost 100 % (they say for wisdom mobile phone) , after the card on difference, Take oneself have what what while the program can take a picture, see you is direct explode expect TV station, and TV station course is chosen, The program of the and so on of X eldest sister that can resemble here is same, run to interview. Comparability inland Taiwan because the place is little, This interviews strength meeting ox forces a lot of. For instance, the what meal of some inn, rose 68 from 63 moneyMoney, next the client explodes expected, the TV station is interviewed with respect to group person, ask why he wants to increase price. He said, It is raw material rose in price, the pulp became expensive of many and so on. The controller that price of flesh of be assigned personal responsibility for runs on TV station horse the following day that, Ask the flesh rises in price, that person says. Run to ask inn-keeper again immediately next, say the flesh did not rise in price, you are assortedshould rise in price? Before inn-keeper is forced to say missay, it is oil rose in price, next the TV station runs to ask a canal oil again, Say to did not rise in price again, interrogatory inn-keeper goes again on the horse. A week 7 days, can stare at your make an issue of every day, result that innEater decreased considerably, inn-keeper is not had language be forced to surrender, the thing still sends on the foundation that renews cost price. So meMust admire a Taiwanese, it is idle really do not have thing works, still hold out those who have fun nevertheless. I encounter a few Taiwanese later, very enthusiastic, still be what metropolis and you talk about really. Compared with the mainland nowchill, the Taiwanese still has the milk of human kindness really a lot of. In Taiwan, weak force crowd is very suffer others to take care of, thanBe like an old person, the Taiwanese drank beverage, bottle also can sell fund, they can twist bottle flat hind, collect is inGive together the old people that relies on a glean and collect scraps to make a living, make them OK and direct be installed, can little cost chooses interest. And convenience innBuy a thing, given small bill is OK of add award, in the special case that also can send convenience inn doorway commonly(agree with the box of pocket money alms of mainland bank) , unified give the orgnaization of person of Taiwan assist plant, allegedly theyDo not accept contribute money, be about this kind of small bill, let you be below the premise of burden of not ag上海千花网坊gravating economy, give those sad personMake bit of contribution. What can say even if give you is lucky, it is quite interesting idea really. Went again next what hits dog consulate, namely the Englishman is in before the agency of Taiwan, do not have what meaningThink of. Went next Deng Lijun commemorates museum, deng Lijun regards generation as the giant star, supported her family, andHis eldest brother after her decease, did so museum, will earn bit of entrance ticket money. My individual is to distain this 上海千花网坊RFvery muchWithin an inch of returns the mausoleum change of a little sister to be equal to to Beijing is the eldest brother of birds and beasts that sells Beijing the employer, the dead already, heAn old man took soft meal to also calculate before one’s death in the little sister, after dying of illness repeatedly even extort surplus value, it is reallyYour person despises! Went again next long the Alisan of negative great reputation, regrettablly because here has a tourist to get hurt in cave in, had bannedStop the hill on us. Go below hill, the fruit here compared with life pool a little a bit more acerbity, but thanThe mainland is very much tasteless that is good still too much. Tertian, the museum of the Imperial Palace that went to Taipei again, the Jiang Jieshi protection to these cultural relic, still calculate arrive quite, if he was not taken away, perhaps be grabbed by Japanese smooth. So some things are to have 2 reallyFace sex, my individual is to feel Taiwan is the Chinese brethren that is born with the root after all, these precious cultural relic are in their handIt is good to always be in abroad than driftage go up too much. In museum of the Imperial Palace, cannot make a racket cannot take a picture, because Jiang Guanghui gives these cultural relic to bring,damage, I won’t ask naturally can close flashlight to pat a few pieces, prohibit even if prohibit cough up, incomplete reads aloud. The tourist guide weighs richWhat be worth to look most in content house is 3 treasure, chinese cabbage of emerald green jade, the flesh stone and Mao Gongding, tell the truth I feel this 3Person the meaning that do not have what, the likelihood is I do not have artistic accomplishment ha. The clever light that the both before can saying only is craftsman shows, IWhat admire quite still is those ivory sculpture, it is wonderful artical excelling nature really, especially a the emperor those who play is gadgety, But expended grandparent and grandchild 3 generation, a when last a period of time just finishs a few years bulbiform ivory carving, call seventeen ivory vultureBall, specific and OK Baidu. Still have hamper of a 4 ivory carve, those w上海千华纺HFho become an emperor is too corrupt, such artTaste a craftsman to want lifetime ability carve to become probably, and he just uses outfit food taken late at night just, so appear, It is beyond the mark that present wealthy person still does not calculate. Come out from museum, went that evening the motel of Taiwan, eventually experience what Taiwan makes the Holy land of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun is trueattitude, the word says to return is safe really, the car opens room entrance directly, the rolling door is pulled, fire extinguisher is connected insideHave, what thing everything needed is ready. The hotel before did not discover sexual articles for use in the room, be here eventuallyDiscovered, the adult channel that also has here only is not lock can look directly, and day, beautiful completely, all isDo not have a code! Look also what hotel does not enter the Taiwanese plays one of the pieces in Chinese chess. The class that we stay in is lower, allegedlyBest motel, toilet has 100 to make the same score rice above, the cistern that bathe puts full water to need 40 minutes, The straight vaccinal move is real coco in the room, the bed arrives greatly do not have an edge, the acreage that reckons this is occupied can open storefront in the mainlandah. Live this is late, the tourist guide took us went N specialty store, lapidary inn, red coral inn, glossy ganoderma inn, Fruit inn, duty-free inn. . . Taiwan economy now is big before be inferior to, rise with mainland comparing also advantage of it doesn’t matter, Should be in only so economically do decided Taiwan, unified not far. Good! The view that takes a conduct a sightseeing tour is, two sidesWant to unite, the contribution that sees us be made to Taiwan brethren is large. . . Build got on a plane to return the home, the meal in the home is really delicious!