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rientatonSi Mayun of cloth of tall of Ma Yun VS, it is one of a few entrepreneur with the not much number that I and my cummer enjoys. Want to keep this diary today, because at present Qiaobusi was hanged,be hind a when lift in home ” remoteQiao Feng ” be current, this let me feel deeply, present youth is existing on value orientaton oneSome problem. And also belong to likewise ” youth ” I inside the category, also must say two look. The meaning that place of this diarial title states no less than is same, the viewpoint that this diary place should elaborate is: MakeFor the Chinese, qiao Busi is worth to let the place that the person adores without a bit! Ma Yun is not the author of electronic business affairs, but it is Alibaba however father, a is naughty after LibabaTreasure, it is the store that clean out treasure next, so what did Ma Yun’s doing bring for the Chinese? When do I say anyhow: 1 , Ma Yun initiated period of Chinese electron business affairs, pass electronic business affairs, People can buy the goods of same quality with fewer price. To common people, this is absolutely goodThing. As to why be a favour, I feel to not was necessary to go further explanation. 2, Alibaba appears with what clean out treasure net, for China broad sold the home to provide platform of an obtain employment, sell the homePeople need not push broken head to hire a good appearance again, although clean out the net inn on treasure net,also should hand in ” appearance is expended ” , But this ” appearance is expended ” come according to your sale outstanding achievement, the in short is: What your earn hands in more is much, What your earn hands in less is little. Must say a kind to this is very human nature changes ” appearance is expended ” . 3, Alibaba and those who clean out treasure net is arisen, what it affects it is an industry only not just, however wholeThe market! Our just think if be mixed without Alibaba,clean out treasure net, so much express company still can live to fallGo? Because Alibaba is mixed,clean out treasure net fire, so express serves also fire; Serve fire because of express, So express company should enrol a person in great quantities; Because want,enrol a person in great quantities, socially obtain employment opportunity becomes much; Because obtain employment opportunity becomes much, the society just is met relatively stable…4, yes, the platform of electronic business affairs of our country is numberless as the sand now, but who initiates this phase? YesMa Yun, others sees Ma Yun did electronic business affairs to get rich, then go to school is worn Ma Yun does electronic business affa上海千花网论坛irs, but after allAcquired form and did not acquire a god, go up in brand value, on market share, the horse cannot be surmounted after all on after serviceThe cloud. Do not believe you to catch a girl to ask casually to the street, which website can if want a net,you choose? Take offMouth and piece — clean out treasure! In short, the platform of electronic business affairs below Ma Yunqi accomplished an enterprise almost toTall state — cannot replace! So, after saying Wan Mayun, next I should begin ” assail ” Qiaobusi, qiao Busi brings the apple inAfter the country: 1 , work a group of things with common features people for face problem, live frugally buys a mobile phone. My good friend is sure inThe company does manage compensate work, he tells me them to the company has 60 % almost — the 70 person of % is using malic handMachine, and the travel price of mobile phone of that moment apple is in basically 5000 — inside this 6000 limits, I am becomeWhen very open-eyed ask: The outstanding achievement of your company is certain and very good, employee is so rich! My good friend tellsI: Truly rich do not have a few, it is to open the facade of a shop actually. 2, for face, lend money, mortgage Mai Ping fruit. For the salary standard with Changsha, the labour of most personEndowment it is to be in 1500 — wander inside this 2500 limits上海贵族宝贝sh1314 (elder brother has jumped out this circle… (*^__^*) ) , if eliminate the cost-of-living etc expense of every month, want to put money to buy 5000 + apple, toWant less 3 — 4 months time (some monthly pay under the should put half an year even money of 2000) , but havein popular feeling by like really, then they debutted to borrow to such-and-such bank write down card, will buy with mortgaged meansBuy an apple, next of feel at ease and justified become calorie of slave. 3, sell kidney, buy first night, it is only buy a mobile phone. Work gens no matter your salary how many, at least you are to haveOf income source, income source can put money, can put money to be able to put the money that buys an apple quite always. But those universitiesBe born basically do not have income source, do how? Ask parents wants money to buy an apple, but not likely each undergraduatesdomestic condition is very advantageous, how doesn’t parents take the money that gives Mai Ping fruit to do? Sell kidney! Sell first night! 4, malic function is very powerful, this I am approbatory, his function is reflected formidably at most groundWhat be just? Be amused! You are OK and attentive the person that watchs to malic mobile phone is used all round you,上海大龙凤 they use Ping at ordinary timesWhat is the most business that fruit mobile phone does? — — beguiling. 5, the apple can be replaced. Be in high-end smartphone market is at present medium, samSung, motor two brandsThe type that should surmount an apple even quite with malic function can be found in, do not believe yourself to get online search search to know. Above, it is me in Ma Yun and Qiaobusi one when do between two people is compared, I am a Chinese, The footing that can stand in China only with me will analyse this problem. Ma Yun brought material benefit for Chinese common people (net inn price under hypostatic inn price) , offer for the SOHObreak through district limitation ” Internet appearance ” ? , offerred more obtain employment opportunities, boosted financeThe bound develops (the net is silver-colored) , have in this 4 o’clock 3 o’clock is beneficial to common people. What did Qiao Busi bring for China? Vying wind, live frugally, sell kidney night, high interest is mortgaged first…I do not deny Qiaobusi to be in the talent of IT domain, I admit he is a person that has talent very much, but,– — , talent ≠ has contribution a person great, let a person admire, not be to depend on himThe individual has how many fortune, his individual how clever. If his fortune is mixed clever without benefit at social benefitAt the masses, so he is with respect to what do not deserve to say at all ” great ” . One because of grasping Chinese psychology weak point be acted according to to be by the Chinese ” god ” civilian battalion entrepreneur — –This is my definition to Qiaobus上海龙凤自荐区iBujiadiwei dragon travel price — — 26 million RMB. Yes, his appearance, his hairMotive, his brand value cannot be replaced, but the person that can have it does not have a few however. The travel price that masses nimble amounts to — —       70 thousand RMB. The car of same price buys less than comparingThe car price that nimble amounts to more excellent quality, same quality however prep above nimble is amounted to. So, the masses is great, so the masses bought Bujiadi…So the masses bought Bujiadi… This card is final You Guzhou 2 Xie Yu 2013-1-7 13:55 editors5 editorsUID12231273Online time0 hoursLogin finally2018-8-26Examine de上海花千坊爱上海tailed data all6TOPOther subject of the author: Like to go up female colleague, but do not do again, how to let oneself look weak? [husband this base enter rank manual] — times of a total surplus[husband this base enter rank manual] — this is a revolution! The reflection of value orientaton: Qiao Busi of Ma Yun VS Dark Ye ZhiguangLEVEL 5Card474Elite0Integral31Gold coin1471Achieve formerly0 stickManaAt 0 o’clockSupport1268 degreesAcknowledgment140 degreesContribution18 valuesAssistance0Promotion0 peopleRead attributive30Register time2011-1-3Individual spaceSend short messageAdd for the good friendCurrent from the lineExamine treasure case2 buildingsBigInSmallPublish at 2013-1-7 13:27Watch this author onlyValue orientaton is not decided by commodity, decide by the immanent accomplishment of consumer itself, qiaobusi and Ma Yun cannot change this. When a monthly pay 3000 lower even younger sister paper also the bag bag of Home L comes to calculate on back of a chair raise oneself alleged social status when, is you can say the original sin that Lu Yiwei ascends lord? How is the thing that is different domain originally compared? It is certain that can you say to enrol trade bureau more exalted than revenue? Be still 31 heavy industry is group of the album in comparing greater?